Au24e Testimonial, April 2010

Hi John, Really am enjoying the startling clarity and realness of my system. Not one to worry about differences in individual cables, I elected to just do the entire system with your brand, no endless A-B-ing, and I’m extremely pleased with the overall synergy supplied by the Audience equipment. One night watching a Met opera recorded on DVR, I was beginning to fall asleep, but turning it off did not occur to me as I had more or less been duped into thinking I was actually at the Met, and certainly, you don’t just go to sleep in your seat here. Regards,

Jim Wojno — April ’10

Audience Products Testimonial, March 2010

I have been addicted to audio for 40 years, serious amateur recording and playback. STEP 1: In 2007 I purchased Audience AU24 speaker cables and a power cable. What seemed risky at the time is now laughable. I eliminated the previous ‘fire hoses’ feeding the speakers. Significant sonic and aesthetic advances. For a month the sound kept getting better. Highlight: harmonic accuracy+! STEP 2: Three months ago I purchased the AR6T with the AU24 power cord displacing another respected conditioner. I honestly believe this has been the biggest positive change I have ever made to my playback system, wires or electronics. Highlight: dynamics+! STEP 3: Last month I upgraded to the “e” version of the power cord (on the preamp) and speaker cable. Again additive. It sounded like a new preamp and new system. Highlight: soundstage & focus!

I am a retired electrical engineer and I do not understand what happened in STEP 3. The people at Audience obviously understand the physics of sound reproduction, now imperative. BTW-The speakers -Duntech, the electronics- vintage Mark Levinson. In hindsight I wonder if I had ever really heard what my equipment could do. I have entered a different league and know I must improve my recordings. Look out Keith My advice to anyone, don’t sell your electronics until you have really heard them with any of these products. It could save you a fortune and help you make a better decision. Step 4-pending. A huge thank you to the Audience team.

Bill — March ’10

Auric Illuminator Testimonial, December 2009

Hi there. I got the Auric Illuminator a week ago and I would love to share my experience with the Audience team and everyone else out there.  You have an amazing product, I wasn’t expecting this kind of significant improvement. Honestly its my first cd treatment that I use and I wont be looking for anything else.  My friends thought I changed some of the cables or something, now they are gettin the Illuminator as well.  The entire presentation seems more clear and rich top to bottom, and above all more natural. It seems I’m gettin more music from my set up. I’m excited to treat my entire cd collection.

Best regards from Macedonia! — December ’09

aR6-T Testimonial, November 2009

John – I just wanted to tell you that I upgraded from the AR6 to the 6t about a week ago and I am frankly astounded. The system sounds as if I replaced every component, the amplifier, cd player, turntable and phono preamp with ones costing twice as much. I hesitate to say it, but it sounds like a different system. Bigger, more palpable, quieter, better vocals, better instrumental timbres… While it’s not a cheap upgrade, the fact that it upgrades every component I plugged into it makes it a relative bargain. I know this is supposed to have a long break-in, but within 6 days it is unequivocally far superior to the AR6. The first few days were admittedly a bit rocky. So that’s it. I know you recommend the AU24 power cord and I think I’m going to save up for it. This is one incredibly good product. Thanks,

Marc — November 09

Customer Service Testimonial, June 2009

Hello Dan, Just received the reterminated PowerChord e from you, so neatly packaged, looks brand new, with a nicely designed receipt. Total class act. This Powerchord completes my system with all Au24 interconnects, speaker wire, and an aR6 Adept Response power conditioner.

The clarity and spaciousness of my system is now mind boggling, beyond expectation, even with 10 to 25 year old early DDD and ADD classical recordings, and the cables are not even at full break-in. But, on a recently made recording of Ben Zander’s Mahler 4th on Telarc, the sense of realism was completely unbelievable and spine-tingling. Another major and unanticipated step up, demonstrating even more the highly refined sound quality enabled by Audience equipment — total clarity, balance, everything in complete and natural sounding 3D on a 2-channel system. With Audience cables and conditioner, the Levinson electronics and Meridian CDP are now able to deliver the refined sound quality inherent in their design. The Thiels are now smooth at the top, especially in the violins, and there is so much sense of surround that it’s startling, even without applying your Auric Illuminator to the CD. It sounds unbelievably close to a live concert.

Before upgrading to this system, I had no idea what good interconnects could do, and doubted strongly I could ever hear any improvement from a power conditioner. But wow — glad I decided to spring for all Audience cables and the aR6. Even though my home system provides me with adictively wonderful musical experiences, the increase in sound quality has inspired me to go to more live concerts in Symphony, Carnegie, and Avery Fisher Halls as well as the Met. And, like upgrading interconnects, I’ve had to upgrade my seat locations. Better cables — better seats, what to do. Thanks Audience!

Jim Wojno — June 09

Dog and Cable Testimonial, June 2009

Hello Terry: We spoke several weeks ago when I poured out my lament to you about my dog chewing through my Audience Au24 speaker cable. You were kind enough to offer to fix the problem (tho this is certainly well beyond Audience’s lifetime guarantee). I received the upgraded Au24e cables a couple of weeks ago and installed them (well above floor level this time!) between my Music Reference amp and Merlin VSMs. While I was quite happy with the regular Au24 before, I do think the upgrade provides a more cohesive musical sound. Whether is has greater bass and treble extension I don’t know for sure. It often sounds like it but it’s hard to say (at least with the certainty of many ‘golden-eared’ reviewers). Whatever the case, I am extremely pleased with Audience for its sterling customer service, far beyond the call of duty, and with its equally sterling cables. Count me as a very satisfied customer. Thanks again.

Paul Anderson — June 09

Customer Service Testimonial, May 2009

John/Terry, I want to thank you very much again for an outstanding experience. It’s great to see a company, especially a USA company, provide such a high level of quality service. I love the aR12 especially with the new chassis and whatever you have done to upgrade the power chord it’s working. The sound appears to be much more live now.

Neil — May 09

aR6-T Testimonial, January 2009

Hi John. Quick note to say that after my listening session last night, I have decided that the aR6-T may be at the very top of my best audio purchases ever. Velvet smooth with great detail, an astonishing result from a jaded audiophile. You deserve big time kudos on this one!

Tim Wilson — January 09

Au24e Testimonial, December 2008

Dear John, Just to let you know that my listening time and pleasure increased dramatically since I installed the Audience Au24e interconnects and speaker cables. For once the cables are fulfilling their promise and doing nothing……except letting the music flow. All else is superfluous. Thanks for a lovely product. Regards,

Mario Cassar — December 08

aR Conditioners Testimonial, December 2008

John, Your conditioner is the most natural of all that I tried. Believe me I tried a lot, Chang, Hydra, PS Audio, Monster, API. Keep up with the good work.

Albert Leung — December 08