Auricap High Resolution Capacitor Reviews

  • Stereophile Review for Auricaps June ’06

    “Auricaps are metalized polypropylene capacitors precision-wound in the US, and are considered by many to be the finest capacitors available.”
    Peter Breuninger – Jun ’06  Read Full Review


  • Stereo Times Auricap Review

    Modifying the TacT Room Correction System : Digital Tweaking Inside and Outside the Box
    Dan Evert – Aug ’04  Print Version

  • Soundstage Review for Auricap Capacitors June 2004

    “The Auricapped 21A sounds fundamentally neutral, but its presentation has notable bloom and, as with the very best tube preamps, the ability to portray space — around performers and as an entity itself. Its sound is spacious. There is no tubey glaze, but also no etch or edge. Instead, there is clarity, vigor, and grace. Nobody will say the 21A is laid-back, but it doesn’t sound forward either. It walks the line of perspective as few preamps do, tipping neither one way nor the other. Its performance is accomplished — very detailed and very enjoyable.”
    Marc Mickelson – Jun ’04  Read Full Review


  • Positive Feedback Reviews for Auricap Capacitors


    “I liked the UltraVerve preamplifier, and I really liked the upgraded unit. It is detailed but musical. The Auricap upgrade is a very worthwhile move in the direction of music for minimal cost.”
    Francisco Duran – Mar ’04  Read Full Review

    “The Auricaps are great parts, and represent a significant step forward in capacitor technology and audio-musical performance… Better and cheaper. What more can you ask for?”
    Jennifer White-Wolf Crock – Oct ’02
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  • Reviews for Auricap Capacitors

    “The Auri’s definitely sound cleaner and more natural”
    James Carroll – Dec ’03  Print Version

    “The moded ones took on a whole new character, and could easily have passed for much more expensive speakers”.
    James Carroll – Dec ’03  Print Version


  • HiFi Magazine 2001 and 2003 Reviews for Auricap Capacitors

    “..replacing the caps in the preamp signal path with Auricaps can lead to nothing but a distinct improvement in the presentation.”
    Scott Faller – Mar ’03  Read Full Review

    “But if you want absolute transparency without the paper in oil coloration, then you must give Auricaps a try. Auricaps are very neutral, uncolored, and smooth capacitors; they are also really fast. They are presented in an attractive build, sport the best measures in class, are available in a rather large number of values and are rather cheap if compared with the other audio-grade capacitors.”
    Giorgio Pozzoli – Nov ’01  Read Full Review


  • HiFi Nirvana Review for Auricap Capacitors

    “It will cost you less than $50 for the parts, and will add about $1,000 of refinement to the sound quality of the entire system. Voices and instruments sound more real, enhancing the “you are there” sensation. I can’t stress to you what a huge difference these little parts make.”
    Gary Krakow : Hi-Fi Nirvana – Jan ’03 
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  • System Modification Reviews for Auricap Capacitors


    TONEAudio Lab : Project Dynaco Part 2
    Read Full Modification  Print Version

    DIY: 300BXLS Single Ended Amplifier 
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