Hidden Treasure Duplex Testimonial

Hi John,

I wanted to compliment you on the your Hidden Treasure (HT) V2 wall outlet I purchased from you in December. I recently got around to installing it and the effect was extremely noticeable, maybe close the impact your power conditioner had when I introduced it into my system. I was amazed at just how dramatically better the sound of my system became with the new wall outlet (and it was already good in my view). Everything expanded; and what sounded good before was flat by comparison. The HT unpacked and expanded things and allowed me to hear sounds I never heard before; and more clearly. The sound of my system became instantly more impactful and three dimensional. I can’t say enough good things about the HT – every aspect of my system sounds much better.

It’s a great product and the best $200 I ever spent on my system.

Regards, Joe LoScalzo

Testimonial on The ONEs, May 2019

John, a note to express my satisfaction after a few years with your amazing products. You upgraded my drivers in The ONEs a while back. I use your speaker wires. Your guidance to run ‘em full-range and dial-in the sub results in what is among the best repro in my 50 years’ experience as an audiophile. When “properly” set up, what else does a music-lover need? My source is Amarra running on an iMac into an iFi nano BL DAC and NAD M3 amp, with Paradigm SUB15 for deep bass. After recent adjustments I again had that sweet revelation that comes with dialing-in a sub so the music just blooms into rightness. Coherence is the quality of The ONEs that exceeds all else. While the use of multiple A3S2-16 drivers in your larger speaker systems may deliver scale, I speculate that The ONEs offer the purest expression of your accomplishment. Brilliant! I thank you. – Dez

1+1 V3 – Testimonial October 2018

Hi Lenny,

Oh! Em! Gee! V3 is a HUGE, GINORMOUS, GARGANTUAN step-up from V2+! These
have set a new baseline in my listen experience and musical enjoyment!
Space, resolution, micro-dynamics, truth of timbre, layering, 3-D
sound-staging, HOLOGRAPHIC! Even when a musical instrument is isolated
to the left or right, you “look” through, around, beyond, and
sometimes in front of the physical speaker. And from what I can tell,
based on the changes I’m hearing, they’re not even broken in!

From the start it was apparent that these were EXTRAORDINARY! However,
after just 24 hours of run-in (with Roger Skoff’s XLO Test & Burn-In
CD), they have opened up beyond anything these ears have heard! I’m
flabbergasted! Gobsmacked! Utterly astounded! Goosebumps galore! I’m
just giddy with delight!

I was “this” close to purchasing a new turntable and phono preamp. I
don’t need to anymore. Thanks for calling me about V3!



Testimonial for OHNO Cables January 2018

I am extremely impressed by my Ohno speaker cable, interconnects,and digital cable. As “The Absolute Sound” says, probably the best dollar value in cables there is. We have talked before, John and our talks have been very enlightening. Regards,Tony

Testimonial for Au24 SX Speaker Cables December, 2017

Hi John – I ended up buying your Audience Au24 SX speaker cables through Lavish in Santa Rosa, CA, and they were sent from Audience direct to me. I thought I’d share my impressions with you. I’m glad you had them in stock (2.5 m banana). The cables arrived safe and sound, shipped via Fed Ex. I received them on December 2. I immediately installed them and started the break in process. I used a lot of pipe organ and brass music to break in. Lots of harmonics. I hid in the office with the door closed. When first installed, they lacked top end clarity and seemed bass heavy; there were virtually no ambient hall reflections, and the sound stage had very little depth. At around 10 hours they went shrill. The same thing has happened to me with other cable break-ins at about the same time. This is the point where I think I have made a terrible mistake. And I wondered… However, patience was rewarded and they started settling down, and by 20 hours, the hall ambience was solidly there, and the highs were stronger and cleaning up. The soundstage had real depth. I now have around 60 – 70 hours on them, and they sound terrific! Very neutral tonal balance, detailed yet smooth mids and highs, excellent imaging, and fantastic sound stage depth (when the recording has it). Choral music is deliciously smooth, especially the highs. Wow! Plenty of bass punch and clarity. The cables have a wonderful musicality that makes them a joy to listen to. My previous speaker cables were Morrow Audio Elites, which, at $4k, are more expensive than the Audience cables. At around 60 hours, after the Audience cables were mostly broken in, I did an A/B comparison, and the two cables have a very similar neutral sound. Yet I feel I’m getting slightly better imaging and slightly more sound stage depth with the Audience cables. Based on my longer term experience with the Audience interconnects, it is possible that subtle details will continue to improve as time goes on. An interesting fact is that the Morrows, unlike most cables, have separate cable runs for each polarity, so there are two cables going to each speaker, one positive, one negative. The Audience cables are only about 2/3 the thickness of ONE of the Morrows! So I feared I might lose current handling and bass power. That turned out to not be the case; bass has the same level and is very well (maybe better) defined with the Audience cables. This is probably partly because I have very efficient speakers that run around 93 dB or so. They don’t require a lot of power and current to drive them in my room. Bottom line: I’m very pleased with these cables. It will be fun to see if they keep evolving as I think they will.

Charlie Hatch

1+1 V2+ Loudspeaker Testimonial, June 2017

I am an audiophile living in South Korea. I have an audience 1 + 1 v2 + speaker. I purchased this speaker as a desktop speaker. The performance of this speaker was so amazing that I get goose bumps and thrilled in my head. I received a sense of delight from this speaker. I enjoy listening to music through this speaker every day. I am so happy to find a desktop speaker for me to be with forever. So I thought I should express my gratitude to you. Thank you for the hard work of the Audience staff. It’s just amazing.

-HyeonTaek Jeong

Testimonial for Au24 SX XLR Cable, February 2017

Hi Lenny….at first, after replacing the KCAG XLR with the Au24 SX, I definitely noticed a difference. As it settled in and further, more critical listening, I realized that the AU was bringing more to the table as far as focus and resolution. And, after purposefully not turning on the system for a few days and sitting down to listen again, I quickly realized that the Au24 SX XLR has taken the current system to its limits….in other words, I would either have to go into fantasy-land with the gear which I neither have the ears nor the cash to pursue. It is a jewel with the right gear and the Rowlands and Audience are “right” together. So, can I pay for this pair? Brad Jeter

Au24 SX PowerChord Testimonial, January 2017

Hello, John and Joe, thanks again for your advice and support. With my recent and latest switch of the Au24-SE powerChords to the Au24 SX powerChords I noticed immediately that the musical enhancement was not subtle, it clearly exceeded the enhancement level of the SE interconnects and speaker wires moving to their SX versions. The Au24-SX powerChords on my conditioner and integrated amp added more weight, more presence, optimal soundstage, transparency and the wonderful tonal balance that I find is a hallmark of Audience cables.
Thanks again
Bob Hansen
Ottawa Ontario

Testimonial for The ONE January 2017

Dear John,
I received the Audience ONE speakers Saturday. I was able to set them up Sunday morn. I listened for quite a while to a variety of recordings I’ve made over the years. One word came to mind, “Wow!” Details popped out that I’d forgotten about. Instruments were distinct. I could hear the harmonics. Stereo placement was exact. I could also hear my eq and mixing errors. These wonderful speakers are an excellent choice for a composer. As close range studio monitors, they raise the bar. You’ve provided me with excellent monitors for decades. These are the best yet. I am truly grateful.
Thank you, Richard

Richard Jennings Music