Audience Products Testimonial, March 2010

I have been addicted to audio for 40 years, serious amateur recording and playback. STEP 1: In 2007 I purchased Audience AU24 speaker cables and a power cable. What seemed risky at the time is now laughable. I eliminated the previous ‘fire hoses’ feeding the speakers. Significant sonic and aesthetic advances. For a month the sound kept getting better. Highlight: harmonic accuracy+! STEP 2: Three months ago I purchased the AR6T with the AU24 power cord displacing another respected conditioner. I honestly believe this has been the biggest positive change I have ever made to my playback system, wires or electronics. Highlight: dynamics+! STEP 3: Last month I upgraded to the “e” version of the power cord (on the preamp) and speaker cable. Again additive. It sounded like a new preamp and new system. Highlight: soundstage & focus!

I am a retired electrical engineer and I do not understand what happened in STEP 3. The people at Audience obviously understand the physics of sound reproduction, now imperative. BTW-The speakers -Duntech, the electronics- vintage Mark Levinson. In hindsight I wonder if I had ever really heard what my equipment could do. I have entered a different league and know I must improve my recordings. Look out Keith My advice to anyone, don’t sell your electronics until you have really heard them with any of these products. It could save you a fortune and help you make a better decision. Step 4-pending. A huge thank you to the Audience team.

Bill — March ’10

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