Dog and Cable Testimonial, June 2009

Hello Terry: We spoke several weeks ago when I poured out my lament to you about my dog chewing through my Audience Au24 speaker cable. You were kind enough to offer to fix the problem (tho this is certainly well beyond Audience’s lifetime guarantee). I received the upgraded Au24e cables a couple of weeks ago and installed them (well above floor level this time!) between my Music Reference amp and Merlin VSMs. While I was quite happy with the regular Au24 before, I do think the upgrade provides a more cohesive musical sound. Whether is has greater bass and treble extension I don’t know for sure. It often sounds like it but it’s hard to say (at least with the certainty of many ‘golden-eared’ reviewers). Whatever the case, I am extremely pleased with Audience for its sterling customer service, far beyond the call of duty, and with its equally sterling cables. Count me as a very satisfied customer. Thanks again.

Paul Anderson — June 09

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