aR6-T Testimonial, November 2009

John – I just wanted to tell you that I upgraded from the AR6 to the 6t about a week ago and I am frankly astounded. The system sounds as if I replaced every component, the amplifier, cd player, turntable and phono preamp with ones costing twice as much. I hesitate to say it, but it sounds like a different system. Bigger, more palpable, quieter, better vocals, better instrumental timbres… While it’s not a cheap upgrade, the fact that it upgrades every component I plugged into it makes it a relative bargain. I know this is supposed to have a long break-in, but within 6 days it is unequivocally far superior to the AR6. The first few days were admittedly a bit rocky. So that’s it. I know you recommend the AU24 power cord and I think I’m going to save up for it. This is one incredibly good product. Thanks,

Marc — November 09

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