Audience Products Testimonial

JAW DROPPING!!!…I had to collect myself and come back to real time – I was floored! This is the reaction I had when I first became introduced to an Audience AV product. I can still remember the moment as if it’d occurred minutes ago – the experience was that profound! I’m speaking of the Audience AU24 e speaker wire I’d auditioned in my home for the very first time. I’d heard that buying a better speaker wire could make a world of difference in my system. I’d asked my dealer to send me his top choices for speaker wire from 4 high end manufacturers. While all were quite nice NOTHING came close to the Audience AU24 e. And here’s the best part…they only sounded better and better as time passed. I immediately ordered the AU24 SE speaker wire and never looked back. Today, I own Audience AdeptResponse power conditioners, AU24 SE speaker wire, interconnects, digital cables and power cords. And the best part? Well let’s just say this… the window cleaner was cleaning windows in my home the other day while I had music playing on my hi- fi. He remarked “your wife has a strikingly beautiful voice!”. He did not realize it was the hi fi. It sounded so lifelike and real he was convinced the singing was live. Bottom line: Audience plays an integral role in bringing the music to life…making it real!
B. Andrew Miles

Testimonial for aR12 Upgrade, Customer Service

ar12_back Alex,
Once again, thanks to you and John  for all your help, support and consideration.  The word is over used, but in your case it applies. You guys are awesome. My thoughts: Great great products,  Great great customer support and service.  This company is the best.  Had my original AR12 upgraded.  Turn around time was quick, and all done without issues.  I have been around the audio world for more than 40 years and have had many pieces of equipment replaced, upgraded, modified, etc.  I should have been prepared for the improvements reaped from the upgrade.  I wasn’t.  It was everything and more than I could have hoped for or expected. Improvements were not subtle, and to date (has been about a month) find no “nits to pick”,  in all those areas we audiophiles love… quietness, detail, sound staging, PRAT, imaging, etc.,  and that all important, toe tapping, “musicality”. Dealing with John McDonald and Alex Keller is as good as it gets. They are attentive, care about the customer, and clearly have a personal commitment to excellence as reflected in the products, their attention to detail, and customer service. A great big thanks. Robert Prinz


Au24 Upgrade and Customer Service Testimonial

Hi John

My cables have just been returned to me and I wanted to drop you a line regarding the process of upgrading my AU24’s.

Firstly I can not praise Alex highly enough . He has regularly been in touch regarding the upgrades , he is obviously a very busy man but always made time to answer my mails. He even notified me of a small rebate due to an error in the original pricing . Honesty like that is something lacking in many of today’s businesses.

Now down to the hardware . I am sitting listening to my system with the upgraded cables installed and the difference is astounding. It is akin to changing a CP player or Speakers , it’s that significant – very very impressed.

The upgrades have been one of the most “value for money” changes in my system ever !.

Thank you and you staff again , you represent what is good about the Hi Fi industry – keep it up.

Regards, Dave



Au24 SE Testimonial

“I am enthusiastic about good sound ( the notes floating into the room in
tune and effortlessly) but I am not at all wealthy. It has taken me a while
to accumulate the products but each time I have I have known on listening I
was moving in a  musical direction.  I had not realized until the last
addition that interconnect could extend and broaden the soundstage but using
your AU24se and cleaning the contacts regularly seems to make this happen.
Also I now know what you mean when you promote your cable saying that it
doesn’t editorialize. I appreciate that.” Don Rawlins

Au24 SE Cables Testimonial

In terms of the AU 24se cables:  I cannot believe I waited this long to purchase them!  I am in awe at the detailed, smooth sound with enormous, layered sound stage. Given how good these cables are, they are a bargain! Especially when you compare to competitors.


I have listened to Kimber, Audioquest, MIT, Cardas and Nordost cables. The AU 24 cable system is by far the most natural, real sound I have ever experienced and well ahead of your competitors. All the best, Henry

Au24 SE LP powerChord Testimonial

“John, I can hardly believe how this one skinny little AU 24 SE LP power cord transforms the sonics of my system ! Crazy . Can’t wait to get another one. Drew”


Customer Testimonial – January 2014

Audience recently received this satisfied customer testimonial:

“Thank you again for such wonderful products and solutions and for the most
empathetic, patient and respectful client service that I have observed in
any industry.  As I have noted before, Audience is Google/NASA engineering
combined with the Four Seasons client model. Thank you again John. All the
best, Henry B.”

Au24 SE Cables Testimonial

“For years and years audiophiles switched cables in their systems as their alternative to the dreaded equalizer…Audience cables (a truly balanced cable) have solved this ” equalizer” issue- with a truely balanced sound cable”  thx Mark  Shane


Au24 SE Upgrade Testimonial

I must congratulate you on an excellent product and your excellence in serving your customers by having this upgrade available. You do not meet customer needs, you truly EXCEED our highest expectations!
Best regards,
Francisco Moita from Portugal


Au24 SE Cables Testimonial


The cable just arrived and I put on Dianna Krall on my headphones. I am amazed at the natural timbres and extended and detailed treble. I’ve never heard female vocals this good. Must be already broken in because this is freaking awesome!! John-thank you so much! Best $220 I’ve ever spent on audio. Scott