Hidden Treasure In-Wall AC Power Cable

Hidden Treasure in-wall AC power cable is designed to provide high-performance AC power distribution for your high-resolution audio and/or video system. It is C3 rated intended to be used in wall from your house breaker to the wall outlet. It features three 10 AWG stranded copper conductors, insulated in polyethylene and is applicable for both 120V and 240V. The cable is 18mm in diameter, housed in a durable and flexible PVC sleeve making it easy to install. The conductors are foil-shielded to provide rejection from external electrical noise. The shield also has an attached drain wire that can be attached to ground on the incoming “house ground” side for improved protection against RF noise. Relieving microscopic air voids and stresses occurring in the manufacturing of copper wire, Hidden Treasure wire is cryogenically treated for improved conductivity. It is also treated by our proprietary EHVP, which applies extreme high voltages at specific pulse modulations, frequencies, and amplitudes. This very special process creates predictable paths through the crystalline grain structure providing continuity and integrity to the AC signal resulting in notably improved dynamic and resolute performance. Hidden Treasure in-wall AC power distribution wire is a must for the discerning audio enthusiast.

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