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frontRow USB Interconnects

The Audience flagship frontRow interconnects usher in a whole new era of musical enjoyment by bringing you closer to “live” than ever before. frontRow with MORRE technologies renders more precise signal information and musical reproduction than any of its predecessors and is destined to set a new standard in interconnect technology and performance. Whether from source to preamp or pre to power, the pristine and naturally accurate audio signal is transmitted without grain or distortion. The absence of any discernible noise floor in frontRow interconnects allows for a huge holographic soundstage with 3 dimensional spacial queues.

With the introduction of MORRE technologies into the frontRow interconnects all areas of musical performance are inherently and definitively improved. MORRE (Musically Optimized Reduction of Resistive Energy) is the umbrella name under which all of the current proven Audience technologies lie and is critical to the unparalleled achievement of the frontRow interconnect. MORRE is inclusive of materials, connectors , geometries, as well as pre/post production processes/procedures and everything else found in the frontRow interconnects that makes them unequalled in competitive audio products. MORRE is a game changer.

frontRow     Rise Above the Noise

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