Au24 SX powerChord Reviews

  • 2021 TAS Editors’ Choice Award for Au24 SX powerChord

    Audience Au24 SX powerChord
    $5060/6′ (4600/6′ Neutrik)
    Au24 SX represents Audience’s latest wire geometry. Compared with its forerunner SE, SX presents and even lower noise floor- a virtual black palette of calm. The upshot is a soundstage of rock-solid stability and continuity, with more fully realized dimensionality and depth. A state-of-the-art cord. NG, 291
    Neil Gader – Mar ’21

  • Absolute Sound Review of Au24 SX powerChord March 2019

    “Audience is to be congratulated for its finest effort yet in this popular segment of the high end. A new reference if ever there was one.”
    Neil Gader – March ’19
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  • Au24 SX PowerChord Wins 2018 POY from Soundstage! Network

    “The Au24 SX powerChord is an absolute roarer — it can feed your inner audiophile lion.”
    Garrett Hongo – SoundStage! Ultra, February 2018
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  • Audio Bacon Review of Au24 SX Cables, PowerChords October 2018

    “Some of the notes that I repeatedly kept jotting down as I did my listening was romantic, controlled, and studio. With the Audience loom, it feels like I am being transported to the studio, listening to music from the recording engineer’s seat. ”
    Siao Jer – Oct ’18
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  • Stereo Times Review of aR12-TSSOX Power Conditioner, Au24 SX powerChords and Au24 SX Speaker Cables

    “In my system – the Audience products allowed my system to reach new levels of musicality and were very impressive. And, in my opinion, clearly followed the designer’s original goals and intentions for minimal intrusion and preserving the integrity of the signal.”
    Bill Wells – June ‘18
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  • Audience Au24 SX powerChord Receives TAS 2018 Editors’ Choice Award

    Audience Au24 SX powerChord 

    The fully revamped SX brings to the table new Furutech Nano Crystal Fiber connectors, improved, cryogenically-treated metallurgy and refurbished insulation making for across-the-blard sonic improvements. Among them, a lower noise floor, a fully dimensional soundstage and sparkling imaging. Offered in two versions: medium-power for DACs, preamps, and phonostages, and lower-powered integrated amplifiers; and high-power for power amplifiers. NG, forthcoming.
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  • Equipment Reviews: Audience Au24 SX powerChord Power Cord

    “The Au24 SX cables lent several special qualities to my listening. There were great gains in soundstaging, with improved depth and breadth, but with a new spaciousness and feeling of greater dimension in all kinds of music. I also heard more timbral accuracy and definition in the reproductions of instruments. Textural contrasts become more apparent, and there was a wider, more articulated palette of tones. Pace and timing improved, with gains in rhythmic snap and punch. Finally, dynamic range and contrasts took great leaps, lending expansiveness and majestic scale to orchestral music especially, with more precision in textural and dynamic changes. Dynamic shifts and timbral contrasts at low volume levels also improved. There was no audiophile category that did not get better with the SX powerChords. Like Venus rising from foamy waters and gliding on a half-shell blown by sweet Aeolian winds in Sandro Botticelli’s painting, they really bring, right uptight to you, the sensuous body of the muse.”

    Garrett Hongo – February ’18
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  • 2017 Stereo Times Award to Cables and Conditioner

    “It simply sounds like real music with no hi-fi type gimmicks or sonic artifacts. “Sonic beauty,” are words that quickly come to mind when trying to describe the sound of music with these products in place.”
    Bill Wells – The Stereo Times
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