aR2, aR2-T3, aR2-T4
Adept Response Power Conditioners

aR2 Front Silver

aR2, aR2-T3, aR2-T4

aR2 Rear Silver

aR2, aR2-T3, aR2-T4

aR2 Front Black

aR2, aR2-T3, aR2-T4

aR2 Front Silver
aR2 Rear Silver
aR2 Front Black

Realize the Full Potential of Power
With Power Factor Correction, RF/Noise Filtering and Transient Suppression 

The Adept Response will elevate the performance of your audio/video system to new heights like no other power conditioner. In addition to superior power protection, the Adept Response delivers the ultimate audio/video experience.

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aR2 aR2-OX aR2-T3 aR2-T4
Auricap XO+ Polypropylene Film Capacitors
Aura-TR Teflon Capacitors
Standard Filter
OFC Internal Power Wiring  ✓
Au24 SX OCC Internal Power Wiring
Hospital Grade Hubbell Outlets
Hidden Treasure Premium Duplex Outlets
Magnetic Circuit Breaker
Ground Plane
Each Outlet Fully Filtered
Double Filtering Between Outlets
1.75m forte f5 powerChord (Upgrades Available)
Optional 6ft. 10AWG Studio ONE powerChord $2,400 $2,400 $2,400 $2,400
Optional 6ft. 10AWG Au24 SX powerChord $4,660 $4,660 $4,660 $4,660
Optional 6ft. 10AWG frontRow powerChord $6,300 $6,300 $6,300 $6,300
Cryogenic Treatment
Ultra High Voltage Process

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Conditioners FAQ

How important are conditioners?

It is often assumed that the voltage we get from our ac wall outlet is pure. Nothing could be further from the truth. All kinds of electronic noise in the form of radio frequencies and electromagnetic radiation is picked up on the line and fed directly to your components thereby compromising their performance. Even the various components within an audio system can generate harmful noise and contaminate the line. Listeners are often unaware of the veiled quality that this noise imparts until it has been removed. Dealing with these problems in an effective yet non-performance compromising fashion is the hallmark of Audience Adept Response power conditioners.

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