Au24e Testimonial, January 2008

A few comments about the new “E” version of the Au24 interconnect after an initial listen. The basic character of the cable is retained. Tonally very neutral. Timbrally accurate. Just gets out of the way. Where I hear the big difference is in what I’ll refer to as speed or timing. To me the cable sounds very fast-perhaps warp speed. By this I mean leading edge transients on instruments like cymbals, acoustic guitar and piano are portrayed with speed and clarity adding a sense of realism. On acoustic bass the leading edge of notes seem crisper and tightly controlled. The initial slap heard before the thud of a kick drum is more apparent. Sibilants are not exaggerated but seem clearer and more natural. Sounds seem to emanate with clarity from a more focused space within the soundstage. Harmonics are portrayed without excessive bloom which will probably make for a good match with tube based systems such as mine. I suppose this all hinges on getting leading edge transient information timed properly so that the ear/brain mechanism can interpret it as more lifelike. Overall, very impressive.

Robert Townsend — Jan 08

Au24 Testimonial, December 2007

Dear John, I made a plunge of getting the Au24 interconnect (XLR) a couple of weeks ago and guess what? The sound was amazing. The bass was cleaner, deeper and more accurate. The treble was sweet, natural and neutral. The background noise was lowered tremendously. The music was more involving and intimate. I can hear more detail that was not heard before. My system has improved greatly with the purchased of the Maestro loudspeaker cables 3 months ago and with the Au24 IC in place, it has transformed my system into a winning formula! It have to be heard to believe. Exceptional.

Richard — Dec 07

aR6 Testimonial, December 2007

Dear Mr. McDonald, I have just received my new Adept Response aR6 yesterday and I can tell you that, though I understand the unit needs at least 100 hours of brake-in in order for the listener to experience the full potential of the conditioner, I can already hear a distinct difference in my music system. In one word,the overall sound of my system is more engaging and there is a glow around the performance that I did not experience before. I congratulate you on a superb piece of equipment, which is going to enhance dramatically my entire music system and increase my listening enjoyment. I am simply excited about the whole experience! Cheers,

John Gerdes — Dec 07

aR6 Testimonial, December 2007

Dan, The aR6 continues to flabbergast me everyday.  I had no idea a power conditioner could elevate my entire system by this order of magnitude.  It is special for sure.

Doug “Buck” Rogers — Dec 07

aR6 Testimonial, September 2007

I am so happy I waited to purchase your recommended power conditioner. Going on 2 years, I have remarked how strongly I feel about my systems merit. That is, until I started up the aR6. It is remarkable how much deeper into the music my system takes me now! A veil has been lifted from even deeper space. Let me use my college education to elaborate…..WOW! Your recommended Adept Response power conditioner has raised the bar! Thank you, John.

Michael Shulman –- Sept 07

Maestro Cables Testimonial, September 2007

I have purchased the Maestro loudspeaker cables and noticed a dramatic change to the sound. The detail was good. The bass is firmer without boom and the midrange is much sweeter. The cable is neutral and natural. It does not emphasize on any frequency range. I am able to sit back and enjoy the music. I am able to listen to all the tracks in the CD and play those CDs which I did not listen to for years! This cable gave a right dose of sound to the music, either bright or dull. It just sounds RIGHT! I have also brought 2 friends and they endorsed my findings. The Maestro loudspeaker cables matched my system very well and will consider changing my interconnect to Audience in the near future. Fabulous!

Richard — Sept 07

aR1p Testimonial, June 2007

“I am blown away by the little Audience power conditioner I bought yesterday. For $500, it’s the best bang for the buck I can imagine. Not just a little better if you listen closely, more like a major component upgrade. More detailed & delicate highs, deeper & tighter bass, less background noise and overall a more relaxed flow of music. I’ve bought a few things from you over the years, but this one deserves a standing ovation. You will be selling a ton of these!”

Mike — June 07

AR1p Testimonial, March 2007

“I received the aR1p power conditioner on Friday and in a word…Wow! I can’t believe such a little device has such a huge effect on the sound of the Outlaw 7500 power amp. It is simply amazing. The cymbals and percussion instruments are so clear it’s astounding! It’s almost like the amp has been modified. Thanks for putting me onto this, Phil! You’ve earned a customer for life!”

Jack Caynon – Mar ’07

Au24 Testimonial, May 2006

“From Magnum Dynalab to Cary Audio Design, from Acoustic Zen to VAC, I have had the pleasure of dealing with some very fine companies, some very fine individuals. None have provided the service nor can compare to what I’ve just witnessed. My cables which were just mailed to Audience last Friday, which have crossed the continent twice, are today back in my system. I don’t know that I deserved new cables, but these seem to be, and I thank you. In any event, for two-three years I have used AZ Silver Reference between my Cary Preamp and VAC amps, wish I would have changed them out for yours long ago. A very nice sound indeed. Thanks for being so kind, so quick and thanks for a very fine cable.”

George — May 06

Au24 Testimonial, March 2006

“I added a 1/2 meter Au 24 IC between my preamp and cd player….MY GOD, JOHN! IT’S LIKE THE CABLE ISN’T EVEN THERE. Granted, the Au24 is the most expensive cable I’ve had in my system, but I’ve had pretty darn good cables in the past. The difference with the Au24s is almost sublime. I’ve even tried them on my daughter’s system, as well as my neighbor’s, and the results are the same. They just remove layers of grain and hash that you didn’t even realize were there. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited by an addition to my system. John, you’ve made a believer out of me. When I can afford it, my whole system will be hooked up with Au24.”

Sam Kress — Mar 06