Customer Service Testimonial, June 2009

Hello Dan, Just received the reterminated PowerChord e from you, so neatly packaged, looks brand new, with a nicely designed receipt. Total class act. This Powerchord completes my system with all Au24 interconnects, speaker wire, and an aR6 Adept Response power conditioner.

The clarity and spaciousness of my system is now mind boggling, beyond expectation, even with 10 to 25 year old early DDD and ADD classical recordings, and the cables are not even at full break-in. But, on a recently made recording of Ben Zander’s Mahler 4th on Telarc, the sense of realism was completely unbelievable and spine-tingling. Another major and unanticipated step up, demonstrating even more the highly refined sound quality enabled by Audience equipment — total clarity, balance, everything in complete and natural sounding 3D on a 2-channel system. With Audience cables and conditioner, the Levinson electronics and Meridian CDP are now able to deliver the refined sound quality inherent in their design. The Thiels are now smooth at the top, especially in the violins, and there is so much sense of surround that it’s startling, even without applying your Auric Illuminator to the CD. It sounds unbelievably close to a live concert.

Before upgrading to this system, I had no idea what good interconnects could do, and doubted strongly I could ever hear any improvement from a power conditioner. But wow — glad I decided to spring for all Audience cables and the aR6. Even though my home system provides me with adictively wonderful musical experiences, the increase in sound quality has inspired me to go to more live concerts in Symphony, Carnegie, and Avery Fisher Halls as well as the Met. And, like upgrading interconnects, I’ve had to upgrade my seat locations. Better cables — better seats, what to do. Thanks Audience!

Jim Wojno — June 09

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