Dog and Cable Testimonial, June 2009

Hello Terry: We spoke several weeks ago when I poured out my lament to you about my dog chewing through my Audience Au24 speaker cable. You were kind enough to offer to fix the problem (tho this is certainly well beyond Audience’s lifetime guarantee). I received the upgraded Au24e cables a couple of weeks ago and installed them (well above floor level this time!) between my Music Reference amp and Merlin VSMs. While I was quite happy with the regular Au24 before, I do think the upgrade provides a more cohesive musical sound. Whether is has greater bass and treble extension I don’t know for sure. It often sounds like it but it’s hard to say (at least with the certainty of many ‘golden-eared’ reviewers). Whatever the case, I am extremely pleased with Audience for its sterling customer service, far beyond the call of duty, and with its equally sterling cables. Count me as a very satisfied customer. Thanks again.

Paul Anderson — June 09

Customer Service Testimonial, May 2009

John/Terry, I want to thank you very much again for an outstanding experience. It’s great to see a company, especially a USA company, provide such a high level of quality service. I love the aR12 especially with the new chassis and whatever you have done to upgrade the power chord it’s working. The sound appears to be much more live now.

Neil — May 09

aR6-T Testimonial, January 2009

Hi John. Quick note to say that after my listening session last night, I have decided that the aR6-T may be at the very top of my best audio purchases ever. Velvet smooth with great detail, an astonishing result from a jaded audiophile. You deserve big time kudos on this one!

Tim Wilson — January 09

Au24e Testimonial, December 2008

Dear John, Just to let you know that my listening time and pleasure increased dramatically since I installed the Audience Au24e interconnects and speaker cables. For once the cables are fulfilling their promise and doing nothing……except letting the music flow. All else is superfluous. Thanks for a lovely product. Regards,

Mario Cassar — December 08

aR Conditioners Testimonial, December 2008

John, Your conditioner is the most natural of all that I tried. Believe me I tried a lot, Chang, Hydra, PS Audio, Monster, API. Keep up with the good work.

Albert Leung — December 08

aR6 Testimonial, October 2008

Hi Dan, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know where we are with the power conditioner.  I think that saying we’re amazed by it is almost putting it mildly.  We had some real time to play with it over the weekend with a dedicated play list of both lo and hi-fi recordings, using our Mac as a source, a Bel Canto DAC, and our K+H 3 way monitors.  We were knocked out by the clarity that’s been revealed, most especially in those mid-high frequencies that can become lost or hidden.  I was traveling earlier in the week so my husband used it quite a bit with his collection of headphones, and said it made the most significant difference to the system since the addition of our Bel Canto piece.  And he’s not easy to impress!  Many thanks!

Dawn Birr, Product Manager, Sennheiser Professional Products, HHB USA — October 08

Customer Service Testimonial, August 2008

Hi John & Terry, I’m the guy whose puppy CoCo chewed through one of my bi-wire au24’s.  I just wanted to say a big thank you for your outstanding customer service in replacing both cables at no charge.  You have a well deserved reputation for the quality of all your products, but the fact that you go above and beyond to keep your customers happy even when it was not your problem is so refreshing. Thanks again, P.S. mug shot of the perpetrator is attached – keep a look out!!

Garry Heaney — August 08

Au24 Testimonial, July 2008

John, originally I had been thinking of just stopping with the Conductor i/c, but decided to invest in the Au24 as I was looking at component upgrades in the near future. They are, thus far, the most expensive cables I have ever bought in my hi-fi adventures. I had not heard of your cables before, but was attracted to them after reading several reviews; most importantly, those reviews that highlighted qualities relating to micro-dynamics, timbre and time-phrase coherence. I am starting to realize just how important these specific qualities are. Needless to say, and as I’m sure you’ve heard often enough before, I was floored. It sounded as if I just got myself a new system. The many reviews were right – these cables just got out of the way. I find myself listening not in an audiophile way, but just as a music lover, getting lost in the performance and recordings. Not only do they sound right, they feel right. That’s the best way I can put it. The Au24s, for me, helped me re-discover the promise and delights of this hobby – musicality. Thanks for a great product.

Hakim in Singapore — July 08

aR12-T Testimonial, July 2008

John, I am very happy with the new Adept Response aR12 w/Teflon caps. It presents the music from a much quieter background (as compared with the original aR12). Amazing!!

Randall Fulton — July 08

Customer Service Testimonial, June 2008

John, I got in touch with Terry today and I really appreciate your service values. It’s good to deal with companies and people who put the customer first.

Michael D (Australia) — June 08