Au24 Cable Testimonial, February 2003

“Several months ago, I took possession of a McCormack DNA-2 Revision. As I’ve stated before, the Au24’s showed me how much grain and hash were in my older speaker cables. But the bass is now absolutely phenomenal. I’ve never heard such a dynamic, robust, full, tight, and simply viscerally impacting bass before anywhere. And I have to say that some of my 20 year old cd’s now almost sound like reference levels recordings. Richer, fuller, and more 3-dementional. I think it’s a synergy I’m getting between the Au24’s, the DNA-2 Rev. A, and the Aerial 10t’s. Nevertheless, a fabulous cable. And I took your advise by purchasing the Conductor ic’s for my subwoofer. You are correct in that the lack of time-smear with the Conductor ic’s now brings back the continuity of the lower region between my full range Aerial Acoustic model 10T speakers and my subwoofer. To hear a 22Hz to 25Hz tone without the time-smear factor is an experience.”

John — Feb 03

Au24 Cable Testimonial, January 2003

“I received the speaker cables Monday afternoon. Installed and started listening at 6pm. Thanks for taking the “HIFI” out of my living room and putting me into the club. This new cable is such an improvement! I can hear so much more music that it seems that the beat has slowed down. Also, I am now certain the anticipated subwoofer purchase will not be necessary. Thanks again.”

Steve Rigg — Jan 03

Au 24 Cable Testimonial August 2002

“Okay, you win. After about 40 hours of playing the AU24 cables, they blow away the “C” cables best model. I have listened to Roger Waters Live and several dozen other CD’s I am very familiar with. Yours have a definite edge in dynamics in all frequency ranges.”

Lou — Aug 02

PowerChord Testimonial, May 2002


“The Audience cord on my transport has been doing some good things! What I like about it is the way it enhances the bass! My system already had the right amount of bass and tightness and rated at 20hz to 20khz! What the Audience has done is to make it more tuneful, articulate while giving it more punch but never sounding bloated or muddy! In fact, the bass is fast and controlled! I was even surprised with it’s upper frequency performance! Not bright, not too forward or too laid back, just nice and smooth and sweet! I did compare the Audience to the PS Audio Mini Lab! The Mini Lab has been said to enhance the bass and mid-bass area which is true! Here the Audience equals or betters the Mini Lab! It also does what the Mini Lab does but again, tighter, controlled and tuneful! The Audience makes the Mini Lab sound a bit slow, bloated, thick and muddy! Up till now, I’m still hearing the Audience improve as it plays and wonder whether the 100hrs is sufficient! From the looks of things, I believe the Audience probably needs maybe something like 200hrs and that too, only maybe! I have already accumulated more 100hrs and it is still improving!”

Ramesh — May 02