Au24 Cable Testimonial, March 2003

“Many thanks for the information you provided, and for the link to that bi-wiring article. It certainly validates what I’ve been hearing when switching from bi-wired to single-wired runs. I am excited to report that, even after only 8 hours of playing, I can hear what Bob Neill, Brian Damkroger and those Asylum inmates are talking about. Compared to the respected cables I had on hand, the Au 24 lets through a new dimension of “live-ness” which enabled me to “connect” at a deeper level with the intention, effort and energy of the musicians performing. On occasion, I felt myself truly startled by a sense of the actual “presence” of instruments, in particular the grand piano, especially on good DSD recordings. I have not heard a piano reproduced so realistically before, and nor felt jolted in this way by new cables before. Compared to my burned-in cables, there was a “cold flatness” about the Au 24s when I first inserted them (they were fresh out of the box from the courier) which faded the more I played music through them. I think I heard what some listeners noted as a lack of “body” and detail compared to my thick heavy cables. However, what I hear is less of an undifferentiated mass of sound, while instruments and voices are freshly presented in their unique character and within their own space, stripped of sonic “muck.” Less homogenous noise, more of the instruments and voices. Less chaotic, isolated details and more coherent realism. Who REALLY needs more body anyway? In an uncanny way, the Au 24 entirely complements the way I’ve been aspiring to develop a neutral and uncolored hi-fi system.”

Kelly — Mar 03

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