Au24 Cable Testimonial, February 2003

“Several months ago, I took possession of a McCormack DNA-2 Revision. As I’ve stated before, the Au24’s showed me how much grain and hash were in my older speaker cables. But the bass is now absolutely phenomenal. I’ve never heard such a dynamic, robust, full, tight, and simply viscerally impacting bass before anywhere. And I have to say that some of my 20 year old cd’s now almost sound like reference levels recordings. Richer, fuller, and more 3-dementional. I think it’s a synergy I’m getting between the Au24’s, the DNA-2 Rev. A, and the Aerial 10t’s. Nevertheless, a fabulous cable. And I took your advise by purchasing the Conductor ic’s for my subwoofer. You are correct in that the lack of time-smear with the Conductor ic’s now brings back the continuity of the lower region between my full range Aerial Acoustic model 10T speakers and my subwoofer. To hear a 22Hz to 25Hz tone without the time-smear factor is an experience.”

John — Feb 03

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