Au24 Cable Testimonial, May 2003

“I just wanted to let you know how great the AU24 is. I have been a long time user of Illuminator, and it’s a great product, so I assumed the AU24 would be as well. I assumed wrong. It is not a great product. It is a revolutionary product! I have been through many, many cables over the years, and I have even spent time with men who I respect in the cable industry, and absorbed knowledge from them. But I have to say this is something like I have never experienced. This AU24 does not sound like a cable. In fact, it is the only cable I have ever heard that doesn’t sound like a cable at all. You can put another cable in its place, and regardless of price, it sounds like you just added a cable to your system. Replace cable X with AU24, and voila! You just removed a cable from your system. I find it hypnotic almost. AU24 has taken over my system, and is throwing out subliminal messages to me instructing me to buy more, and get my entire system up to AU24 wire. It is almost like changing an amp. It makes that huge an impact on a system.”

Brandon Riley — May 03

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