The ONE Testimonial April 2015

Unexpectedly, The ONES (with SUB15) present organ music with great realism. It can be pure majesty. This near-field system is proving mysterious and challenging, urging me to further appreciate the art of listening — through acceptance. Perhaps it’s best approached one type of music at a time. The speakers can seem “purpose-built”. I discovered their excellence with opera. Now organ. Part of it is their “compact” imaging. They don’t work to recreate the whole (distant) space, but rather the personal space as apprehended by one listener in the much larger environment. (As I read what I’ve just written I wonder if there is a difference. I know that I struggle to describe and ‘understand’ their kind of repro.) Part of it is seeming to be at a virtual “console” while listening, eg the mixing board in a studio, conductor’s podium at the opera, keyboards of the organist. I love this illusion of control. Let me pretend to play for you now… Desmond Fretz

The ONE Testimonial April 2015

John, listening this morning to Charlie Haden & Jim Hall on The ONES I’ve discovered something impossibly pure. Can our hobby be this simple? With my Maggies system there was so much trying. Complexity and frustration. But here is “only the music”. As I learn to appreciate this kind of reproduction, I feel it letting me in. The more I suspend disbelief, the further in I go. In your letter about these personal reference monitors, you state their meaning: “they simply get out of the way.” I understand your company’s mission. With gratitude,  – Dez


1+1 Testimonial January 2015

Hi John,
I’ve been meaning to email you to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for what you have created in the 1+1’s. They are revolutionary and I am indebted. The imaging and depth is simply unbelievable. Although I have had this email on my list and would have gotten to it within a few days, I was inspired to write it now as I listened to the Nebraska soundtrack, which is a compilation of songs by Mark Orton (who makes regular use of banjo, clarinet and the accordion). Admittedly, I was listening to the 1+1’s as background music while I worked. I found myself looking up incredulously at an area 6 feet to the left of the left speaker. This is where, mid-song, the first notes of banjo appeared in the soundstage. I took a double take and positioned myself slightly more perfectly in front of the speakers and closed my eyes. What I heard should not be coming from speakers this size. You’ve truly made listening to music fun again!!!
All my best,

Auricap XO Capacitors Testimonial, December 2014


After maybe 30 hours of musical burn-in, your Auricaps 10uf are truly fantastic! I tried the 1uF XO but finally I easily kept the 1uf Aura-t on my tweeters … Not really astonishing :–)) but the 10uF XOs has replaced with success a well known and highly regarded stacked copper capacitor. I can’t imagine what a 10 uF Aura-t would be capable to do…Just a dream, sad…Nevermind, the Xos are nice too. You know, I still like very much my stacked cast caps but in my current speaker system and also in my Naim amp, your Aura-t and XOs work clearly better for my wife and me, without any doubt and for 30 years, I tried so many high end caps…but never yours till today. Your caps are highly performing and I appreciate over all, their neutrality and their transparency. We can listen every kind of musics from jazz to death metal. (from Jazz at the pawnshop (1976) to Nile today !) I thought that metal music recordings were often very harsh but the Aura-t and also the XOs are able to reproduce the complex textures and amplitude nuances from a saturated guitar without any simplification, the result is a precise, detailled and quite soft timbre for this kind of music (of course) but no shouty sound.Metal with its high compression rate is a difficult challenge for caps and transducers but your aura-T and Xo can easily do it … Today, I am 50 years old and my favourite music is most of time classical, barocco and jazz but sometimes I still like listen to metal and my system today can be as good with these different style of music.

Kind regards,
DIY customer from Switzerland

Testimonial for the Adept Response aR2-TS Power Conditioner

John – just wanted to give you some initial feedback on the aR2-TS. I have been playing it now for about 5 days solidly…..this evening it really changed in character. I would have to say it “opened up” in a way that I’ve not previously heard as clearly in other audio gear. I first noticed it with acoustic guitar…..the guitar sounded like real wood. I switched to some live recording in a bunch of different resolutions. The soundstage was so expanded, the details so clear and obvious, subtleties of the music came through, and more than anything else, the music sounded alive. Many thanks for this great product!! Matt


The ONE Testimonial by Brett Allen, Owner of SnowGhost Recording Studio

I have been using the ONEs over the past year at SnowGhost Music and they have become one of the most important tools in my studio. Many people in the studio world are extremely familiar with classics like Yamaha NS-10s or Auratones, and swear by them for their uncanny ability to translate in the real world on many different systems. The ONEs share that trait, but also go a step further, in providing a level of detail and resolution unmatched for a single-driver, cross-overless design. I prepare mixes almost exclusively in mono on the ONEs before addressing any needs on my larger far-field speakers, and find that I have been able to cut my work in half. I could survive with a good pair of headphones and the ONEs. Thanks Audience, for not only updating a classic and simple speaker design philosophy, but also for far eclipsing it.

Brett Allen, owner of SnowGhost Music


1+1 Testimonial

Hi John;
I have the 1+1s playing and they are wonderful little gems — I’ve never
heard my system sound so good. I’m pretty sure they’ve found a permanent
home. Thank you so much.

Paul Kodama from Hawaii


Testimonial for SE Cables and PowerChords

The Au24 SE power cords I purchased last month from Audience, including the SE upgrade I made on my standard AU24 power cord that came with my Audience TSS power conditioner are arguably the most important upgrade I’ve ever made to my system.The SE’s also raise the performance of your TSS power conditioners to a whole new level of performance. A real synergy there. These SE power cords are simply unflappable. No matter how dynamic, complex or brash the music, the SE’s never lose their composure or become strident. They’re masterful at capturing the natural timbres of brass, stringed and woodwind instruments and the human voice. Very important attributes for those of us who love Jazz, Classical, Opera and acoustic music etc. Excuse my rambling , but I was just listening to the Mahler’s incredible 9th symphony and felt inspired to share my thoughts with you!!

Thanks John,

Audience Products Testimonial

JAW DROPPING!!!…I had to collect myself and come back to real time – I was floored! This is the reaction I had when I first became introduced to an Audience AV product. I can still remember the moment as if it’d occurred minutes ago – the experience was that profound! I’m speaking of the Audience AU24 e speaker wire I’d auditioned in my home for the very first time. I’d heard that buying a better speaker wire could make a world of difference in my system. I’d asked my dealer to send me his top choices for speaker wire from 4 high end manufacturers. While all were quite nice NOTHING came close to the Audience AU24 e. And here’s the best part…they only sounded better and better as time passed. I immediately ordered the AU24 SE speaker wire and never looked back. Today, I own Audience AdeptResponse power conditioners, AU24 SE speaker wire, interconnects, digital cables and power cords. And the best part? Well let’s just say this… the window cleaner was cleaning windows in my home the other day while I had music playing on my hi- fi. He remarked “your wife has a strikingly beautiful voice!”. He did not realize it was the hi fi. It sounded so lifelike and real he was convinced the singing was live. Bottom line: Audience plays an integral role in bringing the music to life…making it real!
B. Andrew Miles

Testimonial for aR12 Upgrade, Customer Service

ar12_back Alex,
Once again, thanks to you and John  for all your help, support and consideration.  The word is over used, but in your case it applies. You guys are awesome. My thoughts: Great great products,  Great great customer support and service.  This company is the best.  Had my original AR12 upgraded.  Turn around time was quick, and all done without issues.  I have been around the audio world for more than 40 years and have had many pieces of equipment replaced, upgraded, modified, etc.  I should have been prepared for the improvements reaped from the upgrade.  I wasn’t.  It was everything and more than I could have hoped for or expected. Improvements were not subtle, and to date (has been about a month) find no “nits to pick”,  in all those areas we audiophiles love… quietness, detail, sound staging, PRAT, imaging, etc.,  and that all important, toe tapping, “musicality”. Dealing with John McDonald and Alex Keller is as good as it gets. They are attentive, care about the customer, and clearly have a personal commitment to excellence as reflected in the products, their attention to detail, and customer service. A great big thanks. Robert Prinz