The ONE Testimonial April 2015

Unexpectedly, The ONES (with SUB15) present organ music with great realism. It can be pure majesty. This near-field system is proving mysterious and challenging, urging me to further appreciate the art of listening — through acceptance. Perhaps it’s best approached one type of music at a time. The speakers can seem “purpose-built”. I discovered their excellence with opera. Now organ. Part of it is their “compact” imaging. They don’t work to recreate the whole (distant) space, but rather the personal space as apprehended by one listener in the much larger environment. (As I read what I’ve just written I wonder if there is a difference. I know that I struggle to describe and ‘understand’ their kind of repro.) Part of it is seeming to be at a virtual “console” while listening, eg the mixing board in a studio, conductor’s podium at the opera, keyboards of the organist. I love this illusion of control. Let me pretend to play for you now… Desmond Fretz

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