Testimonial for SE Cables and PowerChords

The Au24 SE power cords I purchased last month from Audience, including the SE upgrade I made on my standard AU24 power cord that came with my Audience TSS power conditioner are arguably the most important upgrade I’ve ever made to my system.The SE’s also raise the performance of your TSS power conditioners to a whole new level of performance. A real synergy there. These SE power cords are simply unflappable. No matter how dynamic, complex or brash the music, the SE’s never lose their composure or become strident. They’re masterful at capturing the natural timbres of brass, stringed and woodwind instruments and the human voice. Very important attributes for those of us who love Jazz, Classical, Opera and acoustic music etc. Excuse my rambling , but I was just listening to the Mahler’s incredible 9th symphony and felt inspired to share my thoughts with you!!

Thanks John,

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