1+1 V3 – Testimonial October 2018

Hi Lenny,

Oh! Em! Gee! V3 is a HUGE, GINORMOUS, GARGANTUAN step-up from V2+! These
have set a new baseline in my listen experience and musical enjoyment!
Space, resolution, micro-dynamics, truth of timbre, layering, 3-D
sound-staging, HOLOGRAPHIC! Even when a musical instrument is isolated
to the left or right, you “look” through, around, beyond, and
sometimes in front of the physical speaker. And from what I can tell,
based on the changes I’m hearing, they’re not even broken in!

From the start it was apparent that these were EXTRAORDINARY! However,
after just 24 hours of run-in (with Roger Skoff’s XLO Test & Burn-In
CD), they have opened up beyond anything these ears have heard! I’m
flabbergasted! Gobsmacked! Utterly astounded! Goosebumps galore! I’m
just giddy with delight!

I was “this” close to purchasing a new turntable and phono preamp. I
don’t need to anymore. Thanks for calling me about V3!



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