Testimonial on The ONEs, May 2019

John, a note to express my satisfaction after a few years with your amazing products. You upgraded my drivers in The ONEs a while back. I use your speaker wires. Your guidance to run ‘em full-range and dial-in the sub results in what is among the best repro in my 50 years’ experience as an audiophile. When “properly” set up, what else does a music-lover need? My source is Amarra running on an iMac into an iFi nano BL DAC and NAD M3 amp, with Paradigm SUB15 for deep bass. After recent adjustments I again had that sweet revelation that comes with dialing-in a sub so the music just blooms into rightness. Coherence is the quality of The ONEs that exceeds all else. While the use of multiple A3S2-16 drivers in your larger speaker systems may deliver scale, I speculate that The ONEs offer the purest expression of your accomplishment. Brilliant! I thank you. – Dez

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