Testimonial for aR12 Upgrade, Customer Service

ar12_back Alex,
Once again, thanks to you and John  for all your help, support and consideration.  The word is over used, but in your case it applies. You guys are awesome. My thoughts: Great great products,  Great great customer support and service.  This company is the best.  Had my original AR12 upgraded.  Turn around time was quick, and all done without issues.  I have been around the audio world for more than 40 years and have had many pieces of equipment replaced, upgraded, modified, etc.  I should have been prepared for the improvements reaped from the upgrade.  I wasn’t.  It was everything and more than I could have hoped for or expected. Improvements were not subtle, and to date (has been about a month) find no “nits to pick”,  in all those areas we audiophiles love… quietness, detail, sound staging, PRAT, imaging, etc.,  and that all important, toe tapping, “musicality”. Dealing with John McDonald and Alex Keller is as good as it gets. They are attentive, care about the customer, and clearly have a personal commitment to excellence as reflected in the products, their attention to detail, and customer service. A great big thanks. Robert Prinz


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