2021 TAS Editors’ Choice Award for AdeptResponse aR12-T4 Conditioners

Audience AdeptResponse aR12-T4
$11,400 (Au24 SE-i powerChord upgrade, $1735; Au24 SX powerChord upgrade, $4200; frontRow powerChord upgrade $6300)

To Greg Weaver’s ear, Audience’s aR12-T4 power conditioner represents a substantial improvement over its predecessors, so much so that it would be fair to say that it borders on an order of magnitude advance. This is a world-class device, deserving your full attention. Give one a listen- perhaps the 6- or 2-socket variety- but be prepared to buy it. If you are anything like GW, there is no chance it will come out of your system once it is in place! GW, 268
Greg Weaver – Mar ’21

2021 TAS Editors’ Choice Award for aR2p/aR12/aR12-T3/aR6-T4 Conditioners

Audience aR2p/aR12/aR12-T3/aR6-T4
Used with a CD player, the aR2p- Audience’s compact, dual-outlet power conditioner and isolation device- enhanced sound staging, dimensionality, and depth. The 12-outlet aR12p as also found to be extremely effective, capable of delivering significant improvements in bass definition and depth, overall resolution, and soundstage depth. 162, 179, 186, 235
Mar ’21

2021 TAS Editors’ Choice Award for forte V8 Power

Audience forte V8
$899 (includes forte f3 powerChord)
The Audience forte V8 power strip gets right down to business with eight hospital-grade AC outlets, each wired separately with high-purity, 14AWG copper. Plus the entire electric circuit has been treated cryogenically. The V8 performed impeccably, with no discernible losses, changes, or degradations versus wall outlets. If anything, backgrounds seemed quieter and low-level transparency more fully resolved. Bass response also firmed up and conveyed greater control. Soundstage dimensionality and ambience retrieval were enhanced, to boot. Impeccable in construction quality, virtually unbreakable, and not liable to break the bank, the V8 ships with the exceptional forte f3 powerChord. All in all, al no-brainer. NG, 311
Neil Gader – Mar ’21

2021 TAS Editors’ Choice Award for 1+1 V3

Audience 1+1 V3
Don’t let the 1+1 V3’s nearly identical appearance to the 1+1 V2+ fool you; this newly upgraded version is a huge leap over its already superlative predecessor. The V3 employs a significantly redesigned version of Audience’s full-range  driver, top-level Au24SX internal wiring, re-tuned passive radiators, and custom tellurium solderless binding posts. The result is far more resolution and detail (particularly in the treble), superior transparency, wider dynamic expression, and even greater midrange purity. The 1+1 V3’s midrange clarity, just one of the virtues of a crossover-less single-driver speaker, is on a par with that of many speakers costing ten times the V2+’s price. The state of the art for desktop listening, and a terrific choice as a main speaker in smaller rooms. Robert Harley, 273
Mar ’21

2021 TAS Editors Choice Award for The ONE V3

Audience The ONE V3
The ONE, as you might infer from its name, is a single full-range driver shoehorned into a small box. The driver itself, the potent A3A, is the same transducer that achieved critical acclaim in Audience’s other loudspeakers. Properly set up, The ONE is capable of exceptionally wideband response, surprisingly forceful bass, and finely honed, low-level detail. The ONE is the second-best desktop speaker reviewer Steven Stone has heard (after the Audience 1+1). Steven Stone, 236
Mar ’21

2021 TAS Editors’ Choice Award for forte f3 powerChord

Audience forte f3 powerChord
Sheer excellence in the entry-level power-cord bracket, the Audience forte f3 is a definitive winner. It will lift the performance of any system, as it lowers the noise floor, improves transient attacks, and permits a wider expression of dynamic range and low-level detail. The hot tip is opting for the Audience forte V8 Power Strip; then this cord will be included. NG, 311
Neil Gader – Mar ’21


Positive Feedback Review of frontRow Loudspeaker Cables

“The frontRow suite achieves the implicit goal of every serious high-end review—fidelity to the source. It is uncanny how they make the footprint of electrical devices almost undetectable, bringing you closer to the source. To a very large extent the frontRow speaker cables and interconnects step aside. (The powerChords do it, too, but have more color and personality.) The frontRow suite completely satisfies the primary Golden Rule.”
Marshall Nack – Feb ’21
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