Review aR6-TSS: Robert Harley once said to me “You need a power conditioner.”

“Like TAS editor Robert Harley once said to me “You need a power conditioner.” I have one now. It’s the Audience aR6-TSS.

With all my components plugged into the Audience conditioner, violins were unfailingly silkier, voices and instruments emerged from a blacker sonic background with more nuance and dimension to them, soundstaging was grander, and imaging and spatial cues startling. The aR6-TSS contributed a remarkable refinement and brought real precision to my system.”
Garrett Hongo, reviewer
The Absolute Sound
Issue 235, September 2013Full review here


SoundStage! HIFI Online Reviews aR12-TS

“As I continued listening, it became clear that the Audience’s levels of midrange and lower-treble resolution were standard-setting — again, that vanishing noise floor paid big dividends in the listening chair.

The upper midrange and lower treble were nuanced, finely shaded, and highly resolved, presenting harmonic decay and inner detail that I’d never heard with any other conditioner.

The decays of the piano’s upper registers, previously obscured by a fine layer of glare, were more fully illuminated and harmonically developed with the aR12-TS in the system. I felt I could see into the lowest, previously obscured levels of harmonics of pianos, guitars, cymbals, and even voices. Piano lovers will love what the Audience does. ”
Ryan Coleman — Mar ’12  Read Full Review