Audience Adept Response aR2p Power Conditioner Review


“ If you want your system to be unshackled from the nasty AC power coming out of the wall outlet and hear what your system is truly capable of – try this reasonably priced high quality power conditioner from Audience. You will never plug any of your gear directly into a wall outlet ever again.”
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aR2p-TO Conditioner Review by 10 Audio

“Rarely does changing a component “make me rediscover my entire music collection”, as we like to say.”

“Instantly with the installation of the aR2p-TO on the power amplifiers, the sound became much more vivid, alive, dynamic, pure, sweet, and resolved. The bass resolution improved as well, along with a smaller increase in the clean dynamic performance in the upper treble.”
Jerry Seigel, Editor – May ’10 Read Full Review


HiFi+ Award to aR8 UK Conditioner

“We love it because it sounds like you have just upgraded every component in the signal chain, making voices more articulate and natural. As we said back in issue 69, “the Audience adeptResponse aR8 makes a big, important difference to the sound, every bit in line with three grand upgrades to electronics further up the food chain.” In other words, we like it!”


aR8 Review by Alan Sircom, Hifi+

“No product is perfect, but the aR8 gets damn close.  It’s strange; if a change this large is laid at the door of a CD player, preamp or power amp, few quibble.  Even saying changing the interconnect cables produces this big a difference might be accepted with scant question, but to attribute these sort of improvements to a power product is always viewed quizzically.  The fact remains that the Audience adeptResponse aR8 makes a big, important difference to the sound, every bit in line with three grand upgrades to electronics further up the food chain.  So, set aside your preconceptions and prejudices and listen.”
Alan Sircom – Issue 69 Dec ’09
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Jim Merod/Blueport Review of aR12 Conditioners

“Because BluePort’s live recording work is subject to the caprice of strange power sources in a constantly changing variety of venues all across the United States, the challenge of filtering and stabilizing current flow to multiple pieces of high-end recording devices is staggering. I’ve used nearly a dozen different “power conditioners” over the last ten years or so, each promising spectacular sonic results. The only one that delivers sound with utter purity, clarity, and freedom from extraneous electrical grunge and gremlins is the AUDIENCE “adeptResponse” . . . a product, in my overburdened world of recording work, I regard to be on the top rung of contemporary power conditioning excellence. When I have a project that must have all of its elements as technically perfect as possible the adeptResponse twelve outlet box sits at the outset of my “on location” recording rig. I seldom build a work station without it.”
JIM MEROD, BluePort Jazz High-Definition Recording Engineer


Golden Ear Award to aR12 Conditioners

“This is a remarkable product. And, in my experience, audibly superior to every other “conditioner” I have tried out (and given the peculiarities of the power network in New York, I have tried more than a few over the years). It is, to use a word from the earliest days of the hi-fi delity movement, simply much more transparent than the competition. And Audience lets you hear more ambient information, more definition and articulation of the musical images, and all that with what sounds like a reduction on those hard-to-describe distortions that ride atop a musical (or electrical, one supposes) signal. More to come.”
Harry Pearson – July ’08 Print Version


Mono and Stereo aR6 Conditioner Review

“Audience Adept Response aR6 should be more than satisfying to any stereo music lover. I can only highly recommend it to anyone who is pursuing the high end reproduction system. $2,800 is a lot of money. But when you’re building the high end system you don’t want to save with quality power handling. It’s a building block of high quality playback system.”
Matej Isak — April ’08 Read Full Review