PFO Award for Ar12-TS

"The Audience adeptResponse 12-TS is a 12-socket line conditioner now on its third revision since its introduction. It is immediately apparent that the aR12-TS is even quieter than its predecessors, the original groundbreaking aR12, or the significantly improved aR12-T.


Talk about a velvety black background! GAWD! Music takes on new dimensions and texture with this device in place, with improvements like creamier tonal texture, better focus of instrumental voices—both in portraying individual size and physical location—and a somewhat heightened or more apparent sense of drive and pace. Overall, the result is even more of that wonderful transparency that the aR12-T ushered in. All these newly elevated attributes combine to offer an even more coherent presentation over all. All in all, the Audience aR12-TS represents a significant advance upon an already very significant product.

I said in my aR12-T review that in my experience, this degree of overall system improvement simply cannot be achieved with ANY other individual investment, regardless of the dollar amount of the investment, and that claim is even more true with the aR12-TS. $8995"
-- Greg Weaver