CES 2007 (Consumer Electronics Show) January 8-11, 2007 Las Vegas, NV

John Casler of VMPS (left) and John McDonald of Audience at CES 2007 where new products were shown which expand the adeptResponse power conditioning line, including the six receptacle aR6 and the aR1p (archived page), a single receptacle unit for mono blocks or ceiling mount projectors. Positive Feedback reported the sound to be dynamic and tonally balanced, with a sense of speed and immediacy that few others captured.


CES 2006, Las Vegas, NV

Audience unveiled the latest incarnation of its Au24 True Line Source loudspeaker, a one-way system with a flat response from 22 kHz to 70 Hz. The lack of a crossover provides ultimate coherency. The sweet spot spans the width of the room, not just the center seat. The total moving mass of each driver is 1.5 grams delivering unsurpassed high resolution sound. As a dynamic driver, the result is the best of all worlds, high resolution and unrestrained dynamics.