The ONE Testimonial by Brett Allen, Owner of SnowGhost Recording Studio

I have been using the ONEs over the past year at SnowGhost Music and they have become one of the most important tools in my studio. Many people in the studio world are extremely familiar with classics like Yamaha NS-10s or Auratones, and swear by them for their uncanny ability to translate in the real world on many different systems. The ONEs share that trait, but also go a step further, in providing a level of detail and resolution unmatched for a single-driver, cross-overless design. I prepare mixes almost exclusively in mono on the ONEs before addressing any needs on my larger far-field speakers, and find that I have been able to cut my work in half. I could survive with a good pair of headphones and the ONEs. Thanks Audience, for not only updating a classic and simple speaker design philosophy, but also for far eclipsing it.

Brett Allen, owner of SnowGhost Music



The ONE Review by Hi Res Audio Central

” Audience ClairAudient’s The ONE reference monitor speakers deliver the transparency and speed of planar speakers, only they’re tiny and not fussy when it comes to positioning.”
Ron Goldberg – July ’14
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1+1 Testimonial

Hi John;
I have the 1+1s playing and they are wonderful little gems — I’ve never
heard my system sound so good. I’m pretty sure they’ve found a permanent
home. Thank you so much.

Paul Kodama from Hawaii