The Absolute Sound Review of LSA 4+4’s, June 2009

Robert Harley Blogs Audience
“The LSA4+4 sounded like a full-range speaker in every way, but with a coherence and seamlessness that was undoubtedly due to the lack of crossovers and disparate drivers. The midrange was palpable and immediate without sounding forward or emphasized. The top end had a full measure of detail and resolution, without the lack of air and extension I’ve heard in the past from full-range drivers. But the most surprising aspects of the LSA4+4 were its bass and dynamics. The bottom-end exhibited real weight and body, with a wonderful palpability of instrumental texture on acoustic bass. Similarly, the system was very quick, dynamic, and agile, with impact behind musical peaks.”
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Robert Harley, Editor – June 22, ‘09

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