Au24 SE Testimonial

“I am enthusiastic about good sound ( the notes floating into the room in
tune and effortlessly) but I am not at all wealthy. It has taken me a while
to accumulate the products but each time I have I have known on listening I
was moving in a  musical direction.  I had not realized until the last
addition that interconnect could extend and broaden the soundstage but using
your AU24se and cleaning the contacts regularly seems to make this happen.
Also I now know what you mean when you promote your cable saying that it
doesn’t editorialize. I appreciate that.” Don Rawlins

Au24 SE Cables Testimonial

In terms of the AU 24se cables:  I cannot believe I waited this long to purchase them!  I am in awe at the detailed, smooth sound with enormous, layered sound stage. Given how good these cables are, they are a bargain! Especially when you compare to competitors.


I have listened to Kimber, Audioquest, MIT, Cardas and Nordost cables. The AU 24 cable system is by far the most natural, real sound I have ever experienced and well ahead of your competitors. All the best, Henry

Au24 SE LP powerChord Testimonial

“John, I can hardly believe how this one skinny little AU 24 SE LP power cord transforms the sonics of my system ! Crazy . Can’t wait to get another one. Drew”


Customer Testimonial – January 2014

Audience recently received this satisfied customer testimonial:

“Thank you again for such wonderful products and solutions and for the most
empathetic, patient and respectful client service that I have observed in
any industry.  As I have noted before, Audience is Google/NASA engineering
combined with the Four Seasons client model. Thank you again John. All the
best, Henry B.”

Au24 SE Cables Testimonial

“For years and years audiophiles switched cables in their systems as their alternative to the dreaded equalizer…Audience cables (a truly balanced cable) have solved this ” equalizer” issue- with a truely balanced sound cable”  thx Mark  Shane


Au24 SE Upgrade Testimonial

I must congratulate you on an excellent product and your excellence in serving your customers by having this upgrade available. You do not meet customer needs, you truly EXCEED our highest expectations!
Best regards,
Francisco Moita from Portugal


Au24 SE Cables Testimonial


The cable just arrived and I put on Dianna Krall on my headphones. I am amazed at the natural timbres and extended and detailed treble. I’ve never heard female vocals this good. Must be already broken in because this is freaking awesome!! John-thank you so much! Best $220 I’ve ever spent on audio. Scott

Testimonial on The ONE, October ’13

Hi John, The One loudspeakers resolution is so high & precise that I’m
hearing new notes, in my system, that I’ve never heard before except maybe
through my electrostatic headphones. The One loudspeakers are basically high
resolution headphone speakers that you listen to without having to wear
uncomfortable headphones that also restricts movement. I prefer listening to
the The One loudspeakers, rather than my electrostatic headphones, as one
can tell. I think that loudspeakers with crossovers & tweeters is an
outdated past technology, that in my opinion should be discarded, but we
know that’s going to take time until more audiophiles hear these profound
speakers. Thank you John for putting so much effort & time into creating
these, shall I say it again? profound & emotional speakers that touches the
human soul. Sincerely, Jimmy.


New Testimonial for Au24SE Cables

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my SE upgraded Au24 interconnects and speaker cables and sat down for an hour of music to see if I could appreciate the difference. I might end up divorced as my wife has barely seen me since. I’m pulling out 40 year old LPs and experiencing them in a whole new way.”

“These upgrades are STUNNING. I’m not a musician and it’s hard to describe what I’m hearing, but everything sounds “organic” and just “right”. The level of detail and the width of the soundstage is remarkable. THANK YOU!!!”  Tony Shefferd



Au24e Testimonial

Hi, John. I received my SE cables today….not even broken in, they are better than the Au24e balanced cables. More delicacy and finesse. Broader palette. More coherent imaging and space across and around instruments. Less metallic aftertaste, but just as resolute. Nicely done! Darrin