Reviews for Auricap Capacitors

“The Auri’s definitely sound cleaner and more natural”
James Carroll – Dec ’03  Print Version

“The moded ones took on a whole new character, and could easily have passed for much more expensive speakers”.
James Carroll – Dec ’03  Print Version


HiFi Magazine 2001 and 2003 Reviews for Auricap Capacitors

“..replacing the caps in the preamp signal path with Auricaps can lead to nothing but a distinct improvement in the presentation.”
Scott Faller – Mar ’03  Read Full Review

“But if you want absolute transparency without the paper in oil coloration, then you must give Auricaps a try. Auricaps are very neutral, uncolored, and smooth capacitors; they are also really fast. They are presented in an attractive build, sport the best measures in class, are available in a rather large number of values and are rather cheap if compared with the other audio-grade capacitors.”
Giorgio Pozzoli – Nov ’01  Read Full Review


HiFi Nirvana Review for Auricap Capacitors

“It will cost you less than $50 for the parts, and will add about $1,000 of refinement to the sound quality of the entire system. Voices and instruments sound more real, enhancing the “you are there” sensation. I can’t stress to you what a huge difference these little parts make.”
Gary Krakow : Hi-Fi Nirvana – Jan ’03 
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