Auricap XO Review by Jennifer Crock in Positive Feedback

“I really like this new series of parts from Audience. They offer a refreshing update to an old reliable. Everything we care about in the music is better. The 3D recovery is more abundant, the clarity of fine details is improved. The bass is strong and smooth, not over-emphasized or woolly-warm like some other parts. The highs are sweet and not fatiguing. I like them, especially at the modest price”.
Jennifer Crock – Positive Feedback Issue 70, Nov/Dec 2013


Enjoy the Music Review of Aura-T Capacitors

“…Well, now the Aura-T joins the VH Teflon in the electrostat flavor. These caps set themselves apart from the others by having an almost impossibly ethereal, pure, and extended top-end with endless decay like only a good electrostat can…..”
Oct ’08 Full Print Version


10 Audio Review of Aura-T Capacitors


“The Aura-T capacitors will never be replaced! These are exotic dancers of the Kingdom of Audio, removing well-known veils to enable the listener to hear far deeper into every note than was ever possible, even compared to the exceptionally transparent Placette Passive Line Stage. The improvements are noticeable throughout the frequency range, but especially in the upper midrange and treble where a higher level of information has been revealed. Voices are more present in the room. Percussion instruments have a “striking” immediacy that obviously narrows the differences between live and recorded music.”
June ’08 Read Full Review

Soundstage Review for Auricap Capacitors June 2004

“The Auricapped 21A sounds fundamentally neutral, but its presentation has notable bloom and, as with the very best tube preamps, the ability to portray space — around performers and as an entity itself. Its sound is spacious. There is no tubey glaze, but also no etch or edge. Instead, there is clarity, vigor, and grace. Nobody will say the 21A is laid-back, but it doesn’t sound forward either. It walks the line of perspective as few preamps do, tipping neither one way nor the other. Its performance is accomplished — very detailed and very enjoyable.”
Marc Mickelson – Jun ’04  Read Full Review


Positive Feedback Reviews for Auricap Capacitors


“I liked the UltraVerve preamplifier, and I really liked the upgraded unit. It is detailed but musical. The Auricap upgrade is a very worthwhile move in the direction of music for minimal cost.”
Francisco Duran – Mar ’04  Read Full Review

“The Auricaps are great parts, and represent a significant step forward in capacitor technology and audio-musical performance… Better and cheaper. What more can you ask for?”
Jennifer White-Wolf Crock – Oct ’02
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