Positive Feedback Review of Au24 Cables, 2002, 2005

“Backgrounds are quieter, especially on older analog recordings. Micro dynamic events are rendered with superior detail and in more realistic scale, and thereby take on a greater musical significance, most likely attributable to the enhanced sense of the “darker” background. There is a general sense of ease and organic-ness to the overall presentation; it is akin to the sound of good analog in that respect. Whether that is due to an overall coherence the cable offers, or perhaps a very good impedance match, I can’t say. But, it offers a more nuanced presentation, much closer to live music than I have had with ANY other cable I’ve auditioned; and believe me, I’ve played with more than a few.”
Greg Weaver – May ’05  Read Full Review
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I find that the system as a whole with Au24 interconnects and speaker cable running from one end to the other now sounds more natural than it did with Valhalla. I am significantly less aware of “The System” and its sonic virtues, and more aware of musicians and music”.
Robert Neill – Oct ’02  
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“Everything that passes through the Au24s comes out sounding pleasing – not sweet, not pretty, pleasing, and where appropriate, even elegant… I found I was now listening to my reference Valhallas as if they were the newcomers up for review”.
Robert Neill – Oct ’02
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PFO Review of PowerChord, March 2005

“I listen critically to every piece of equipment I place in my system, and the powerChord is the only one that has made me forget about the details and let the music take me along for the ride”.
Fown-Ming Tien – Mar ’05  Read Full Review



Conductor Review by GoodSound February 2005

“The cables you choose should leave you with no doubt that better performance can be had only at a far greater cost that would be out of proportion with the cost of the rest of your system. The Conductor cables from Audience fit this description well. I can think of no good reason to spend more on cables for an affordably priced system. While using the Audiences, I never once longed for more. The Conductor is the affordable cable I’ll be recommending to friends and family.”
Eric Hetherington – Feb ’05   Read Full Review


The Absolute Sound Review of Au24 Cables, 2005

“The SA-11S1’s terrific CD sound tempted me to compare it to my CD references–a Theta Generation VIII DAC driven by a Mark Levinson No.31.5 transport via the excellent Audience Au24 AES/EBU interconnect.”
Robert Harley – Feb/Mar ’05


PFO Writer’s Choice Award 2004 for Auric Illuminator

“When we as audiophile are willing to spend hundreds, if not thousand of dollars to improve our rigs by what many times translates into a miniscule progress toward the end goal of audio nirvana, the Auric Illuminator is a rockin bargain! No audiophiles should be without a kit.”
Jeff Parks -Writers Choice Awards — Dec ’04 
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PFO Writers’ Choice Award 2004 for Au24 Cables

“I have used many brands of cable over the past three decades, including, but not limited to; Monster (the entire gamut of their products), Fulton, Polk, Cardas, JPS, D.H. Labs, Kimber, MIT, Audio Quest, Straight Wire, Herron Audio, Transparent, Gortz Alpha-Core, Silver Audio, Silver Circle Audio, Analysis Plus, Harmonic Technology, and now, the Audience Au24’s. While I am able to note the differences every cable makes when inserted into my system, the Au24 marks the most fundamentally musical shift in performance I have yet to experience. In addition, that transformation has been universal in my experiments across equipment with price tags ranging from $200 to $8000. Don’t let these skinny little blue cables escape your attention. These are world-class cables that, given the price tags of some of their portentous peers, represent an excellent value as well.”
Greg Weaver – Writers’ Choice Awards – Dec ’04 
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6 Moons Reviews for PowerChord, 2004

“Most competent after-market power cords will clean up the sound, usually by lowering the noise floor. Despite that general but important improvement, some cords then take a step backwards by imposing some measure of tonal degradation. Few of the cords I’ve tried seem to inject a life-like force to the music. Fewer than that improve timing and flow. Fewer still will broaden your musical horizons by rewarding you with depth of stage, all the while giving you insights on performer technique by allowing your gear to better resolve low level and inner detail in a musical, organic manner. The powerChords on my CD player and amp delivered the goods. Highly recommended for audition”.
Stephæn Harrell – Dec ’04  Read Full Review

“… the Audience Conductors and powerChords delivered the musical punch line every time. They even beat out my reference interconnects and power cables. The Audience power cables offer accuracy and musicality beyond their really simple appearance and affordable price.”
Mike Healy – Feb ’04   Read Full Review


New Illuminator Review by 6Moons.com August 2004

“Now for the $64,000 question: Is the new Illuminator better than the original? You better believe it. Whether classical, pop or jazz, every disc I applied the AI treatment to displayed easily audible improvements. The discs treated with the new AI displayed greater overall resolution, quieter backgrounds, smoother, less brittle highs and most significantly, an overriding sense of relaxed ease with a more natural flow to music playback. Less effort was required to relax into music or to follow individual strands, be it a rock, symphonic or small-scale chamber recording.”
Paul Candy — Aug ’04  Read Full Review


6Moons Review of Auric Illuminator August ’04


“The 6moons Blue Moon Award is
bestowed only on components or
music releases of rare excellence.
For ”Outstanding Price/Performance Ratio” in the optical disc resolution enhancement category.”
Blue Moon Award — Aug ’04