2005 Writers’ Choice Award for Adept Response

“The Audience adeptResponse is perfect in every way. With its gorgeous silver cabinet, it gets a ‘10′ for looks. With enough outlets to power even the largest of systems, it gets a ‘10′ for practicality. And lastly, with its ability to improve the sound of every piece of gear that I plugged into it, it gets a ‘10′ for functionality.”
Fown-Ming Tien – Writers Choice Awards – ’05


AdeptResponse Review August 2005

“Treble with the Adept Response is superb, coaxing some of the finest highs I’ve heard out of a number of components. But, it’s the clean dynamic action that I’ve obtained with the Adept Response that to my way of thinking sets it apart from other AC line conditioning devices that I’ve used in the past.”
Martin DeWulf – #166 – Aug ’05