Mono & Stereo Review of au24 Cable, August 2008

“When system and all the component really start to evaporate, you know that you’re on the right track. I can go on and on with the lists of music and references, but i wont. If you are serious enough about the music and reproduction AU24 speaker cables might be one of the most transparent, optimally balanced and affordable speaker cables on the market.”
Matej Isak – August ’08 Read Full Review


10 Audio Review of Au24e Cables, March 2008

Audience Au24 “e” Loudspeaker Cables 
“We usually associate an increase in detail or resolution with some unwanted side effect, such as dryness, thinness, brightness, or some other negative “-ness” that is a definite compromise. Get more of “this”, but less of “that”. With the new “e” cable, there is more of the “this”, but no less of the “that”. There is an increase of smoothness, detail and resolution all across the frequency range without any sense, even a subtle one, that any compromise has been made.  But make no mistake, for a small increase in cost the higher level of musical enjoyment is substantial.”
March ’08    Read Full Review

Dagogo Review of Au24 Cables April 2007

“I have used Audience au24 cables as my reference cables for over three years. They are so good I just haven’t thought about them.”
Jack Roberts – Apr ’07


EHX Fall 2006 (Electronic Home Expo) November 13-17, 2006 Long Beach, CA

Audience exhibited at EHX ’06 by supporting the Intel demonstration room. Audience supplied all cables, powerChords, and Adept Response power conditioning for the 5.1 system. Other components included a Niveus Media server with Intel’s dual core processor, B&W Loudspeakers, Chord amplifiers, Runco projector and Steward Screen. The surround music and video was provided by AIX Records. The demonstration was awarded Best of Demo Alley.

AIX Records Review of AdeptResponse Conditioner

“In carefully considering the architectural and equipment specifications of my new studio/demonstration room, I chose only the best. Audience Cables and their Power Conditioner deliver the kind of reproduction quality that our high resolution recordings demand.”
Mark Waldrep, Ph.D. – Aug ’06  Equipment List


Soundstage Reviews for Au24 Cables, 2004, 2006

“Can you tell that I like this stuff? My customers certainly do. But don’t trust me — I’m only one set of ears. Find a dealer and take some Audience cables home for a try.”
Bill Brooks – Jan ’06  Read Full Review

“Its sound is fast, open and transparent. The Au24 S/PDIF cable proved to be something of a sonic enigma — its signature was only identifiable in relation to the other cables. On its own, it offers a large portion of every positive attribute and no discernible sins. Most notably, compared to the I2Digital cable, the Au24 portrays density along with the speed and openness. Images are full and weighty; in video terms, I would say that the picture is more color-saturated. All of the detail is there, but the perspective is different — the music is portrayed in a more tangible way.” 
Marc Mickelson – Dec ’04
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“The Audience Au24 interconnects and speaker cables are commendably neutral and natural, and they help you forget about chasing the pot o’ gold at the end of the audiophile rainbow. These are attributes that the best cable should embody. I expected a cable so tiny to limit dynamics, but nothing like this happened – even with amplifiers up to 250wpc. Also, spouses and decorators are going to find a small-diameter cable like this a lot more domestically acceptable than a music hose or other visually distracting cables.”
Doug Blackburn – Mar ’03  Print Version

“They are among the best cables at any price… given an honest chance (as honest as they are in their signal delivery), you very well may find yourself regarding them as cables that put a smile on your face and joy before your ears.”
Jim Merod – Feb ’04


Positive Feedback Review of Au24 Cables, 2002, 2005

“Backgrounds are quieter, especially on older analog recordings. Micro dynamic events are rendered with superior detail and in more realistic scale, and thereby take on a greater musical significance, most likely attributable to the enhanced sense of the “darker” background. There is a general sense of ease and organic-ness to the overall presentation; it is akin to the sound of good analog in that respect. Whether that is due to an overall coherence the cable offers, or perhaps a very good impedance match, I can’t say. But, it offers a more nuanced presentation, much closer to live music than I have had with ANY other cable I’ve auditioned; and believe me, I’ve played with more than a few.”
Greg Weaver – May ’05  Read Full Review
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I find that the system as a whole with Au24 interconnects and speaker cable running from one end to the other now sounds more natural than it did with Valhalla. I am significantly less aware of “The System” and its sonic virtues, and more aware of musicians and music”.
Robert Neill – Oct ’02  
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“Everything that passes through the Au24s comes out sounding pleasing – not sweet, not pretty, pleasing, and where appropriate, even elegant… I found I was now listening to my reference Valhallas as if they were the newcomers up for review”.
Robert Neill – Oct ’02
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Conductor Review by GoodSound February 2005

“The cables you choose should leave you with no doubt that better performance can be had only at a far greater cost that would be out of proportion with the cost of the rest of your system. The Conductor cables from Audience fit this description well. I can think of no good reason to spend more on cables for an affordably priced system. While using the Audiences, I never once longed for more. The Conductor is the affordable cable I’ll be recommending to friends and family.”
Eric Hetherington – Feb ’05   Read Full Review