New Au24 SE RCA Interconnect Cable Product Announcement

For the first time in five years Audience is introducing an improvement to its highly acclaimed Au24 e RCA interconnect cables. The Au24 SE RCA interconnect cables represent a significant step forward in performance. The SE are made with ultra low mass, high purity and cryo treated tellurium copper connectors allowing for the passage of much more low level information which was previously inaudible. For example you can hear much more decay and room environmental dimension as well as a richer sound throughout the full frequency spectrum. If you are already a fan of Audience Au24 cables, the new SE version is sure to enhance your musical enjoyment to a surprising degree.

Upgrades to Au24 and Au24 e RCA cable are available for $220 per pair.

Please feel free to call Richard Colburn, VP Sales, at 360-718-8300 or email him at with any questions that you may have.

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