220v-240v Adept Response Teflon “TSS2” power conditioners !

Dear Audio Enthusiast,

Many of you have requested the highly acclaimed Audience Adept Response “Teflon” version power conditioners that will operate at 220v – 240v. Due to the level of interest in this product Audience has decided to offer this product at this time on a limited basis.

History– The first Adept Response released in 2005 was based on Audience Auricap high resolution metalized polypropylene capacitor filters. Approximately three years later in ‘08 Audience introduced the first of the Teflon capacitor based power conditioners, the model “T” version, that received rave reviews by Harry Pearson in The Absolute Sound as well as numerous other audio publications. Since then, the model T conditioners have been improved in several ways including:

  • The addition of the large copper “ground plane” to which all ground connections are weld connected in a star ground configuration. This feature slightly improved the resolution; however, greatly improved the pace/rhythm/timing (PRAT).
  • In this most recent past year, the Teflon Aura-T capacitors have also been upgraded with OFCC (oxygen free continuous cast) copper leads that greatly improved the resolution, coherency and transparency.
  • Thirdly, this past year Audience developed an ultra high current break in device that burns in the power conditioners, for 72 hours, to a degree that can never be accomplished by convention in home use.
  • And NOW, as a brand new feature, Audience has made another leap forward in lowering the noise floor and increasing transparency. Audience has developed a highly improved filter/conditioning section that is applied at the incoming power point. The affect of this new filter is simply breathtaking.

The above four improvements are represented by a second “S” in the model number, and now the 220v – 240v versions are identified by a 2 in the model number; for example aR6-TSS2.

The aR12-TS has been reviewed recently by Greg Weaver in Positive Feedback magazine. (see below) Anyone interested in the aR-TS, and now aR-TSS2, can expect to receive the most outstanding and refined power conditioner ever made.

“While it affords an convincingly audible advance over the landmark aR12-T, the degree of that improvement is, to my ears, nearly as incremental an advance on the T’s performance as the T iteration improved upon the original aR12.”

Greg Weaver — Oct 11 Read Full Review

For greater performance – The latest version and best power cord from Audience is the Au24 powerChord. For those who purchase a 2, 6 or 12 outletTS2 power conditioner it is highly recommended that they get it with the Au24 powerChord upgrade feature for + $1,550 (MSRP). This feature provides a significant amount of performance enhancement to the entire system being powered through the Adept Response. The Au24 powerChord provides a noticeably higher degree of transparency and much more low level information (micro details). The Au24 powerChord is receiving the Absolute Sound Magazine Product of the Year award to be announced in the January issue of the magazine!

Very best regards,
John McDonald

220V Model numbers and pricing

aR12-TSS2 – $9,995 (with powerChord e)
Au24 powerChord upgrade + $1,550 (highly recommended)

aR6-TSS2 – $6,000 – (with powerChord e)
Au24 powerChord upgrade + $1,550 (highly recommended)

aR2-TSS2 – $5,200
Au24 powerChord upgrade + $1,550 (highly recommended)


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