Audience Now Shipping The ONE Single-Driver Loudspeaker

The ONEIt’s The World’s Biggest Little Loudspeaker: Audience Is Now Shipping Its ClairAudient The ONE

San Marcos, CA, March 26, 2013 – Audience today announced that it is now shipping its ClairAudient The ONE single-driver loudspeaker. The smallest model in Audience’s ClairAudient speaker lineup at just 7 inches high by 5.5 inches wide by 7 inches deep, the ONE is ideal for desktop music listening, compact high-end stereo systems and surround sound home theater.

“The ONE represents our efforts to produce the finest small speaker possible,” said John McDonald, president of Audience. “It employs Audience’s exclusive A3-S full-range crossover-less driver to deliver pure, expansive sound with dynamics and soundstaging capabilities that might not seem possible from such a small speaker – until you hear it.”

The ONE incorporates the same exclusive A3-S full-range crossover-less driver as every Audience ClairAudient loudspeaker, along with a purpose-designed passive radiator. The A3-S is a full-range high power, 12mm excursion, ultra-low distortion transducer. It eliminates the need for a separate woofer, midrange driver, tweeter and crossover network – and their inherent sonic compromises of sonically dissimilar drivers, phase distortions, loss of resolution and transient response degradation.

Available in a choice of stunning high-gloss finishes including black, red, white and blue with black grilles that attach magnetically to the speaker, The ONE is a true point source loudspeaker that offers a seamless, absolutely coherent sonic presentation at all frequencies with extraordinarily precise imaging and remarkable soundstage realism. “Even off axis, The ONE is uncanny in its ability to sound more like live music and less like what we’re accustomed to hearing from a stereo system,” McDonald noted.

Because it has no crossover, The ONE is direct-coupled to the amplifier it’s connected to, enabling the full damping factor of the amplifier to be directly applied to the A3-S driver’s voice coil. By allowing the amplifier, speaker cable and driver to act as a single coherent system, a level of control over the driver is achieved that is not possible with any speaker with a crossover.

The ClairAudient The ONE employs the highest-quality parts throughout including low-mass binding posts and Audience Ohno (monocrystal) Auric internal wiring. The ONE presents a benign load to an amplifier, resulting in compatibility with a wide range of tube and solid-state amplifiers. The ONE is flat from 50Hz to 20kHz in-room response when placed on a desk or near a wall; a subwoofer is required for full-frequency response when The ONE is situated away from a wall.

The Audience ClairAudient The ONE loudspeaker is now available at a suggested retail price of $995 per pair in black and blue finishes; white and red finishes will be available soon (to be announced).

Available accessories include desktop stands at $75 per pair and Audience Ohno speaker cables at $199 per 3-foot pair or $249 for a 5-foot pair. All Audience products are manufactured in the United States of America.


Audience at THE Show Las Vegas 2013

Following is the complete list of show reports on the Audience room from THE Show Las Vegas 2013.
For those of you who have long been waiting for the ONE loudspeakers – shipping will begin in about ten days. We also expect to start shipping the 1+1 mid May.
AV Showrooms – Peter Breuninger


Positive Feedback – Greg Weaver
By far the most interesting new speaker I heard at this year’s event was the Audience ClairAudient 1+1 ($1800 per pair) standing on Target stands ($150/pr). Sourced by the Bryston BDP-1 player ($2195) and BDA-1 DAC ($1995), the rest of the electronics included the prototypical Audience Wavepower amplifier and Wavemaster preamp, neither with an announced price as yet. The hotel wall current was tamed by use of two (one on the front end components, another on the power amps) Audience Adept Response aR6-TSS power conditioner ($6000), and all cables were from Audience, the Au24 powerChords ($2200/6 ft.), the new Au24 SE RCA interconnects ($1290/meter) and the Au24 SE speaker cables ($1995/2meter). I have one of the new Au24-SEs in house, and the initial results are WONDERFUL. Watch this space for a review this spring.


The Audience ClairAudient 1+1—and they sounded EVERY BIT as good as they look

When I asked to give them a listen, the first thing Richard fired up for me was a Redbook FLAC file, “From the Beginning” from Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s 1972 release, Trilogy, on the Bryston BDP-1. I have to say that while I’ve heard this cut hundreds of times, this time it was revelatory! This system served up everything in a delicately layered, remarkably liquid, and compellingly involving manner. It’s amazing how much music you hear when you eschew the “evils” of crossovers! Well done, gents! Well done!


Stereophile/John Atkinson

The Audience ClairAudient 1+1
By John Atkinson • Posted: Jan 16, 2013

Over at T.H.E. Show, Audience were demoing the ClairAudient 1+1 bipolar speaker ($1800/pair), which uses two of the small full-range A3S drive-units developed by Roger Sheker, one on the front, one on the back, loaded with two passive radiators on the speaker’s sides. The sound was dynamic, with surprisingly extended low frequencies.


The less-expensive The ONE ($995/pair), which uses just one A3S driver, was being demmed very effectively as part of a desk-top system (above), driven by a $550 Teac amplifier and a $695 QLA media player. AC conditioning was, of course provided by Audience AdeptResponse units.



The Absolute Sound/Neil Gader 


Audience ClairAudient 1+1 has no minuses

Audience, (pictured above) the full-range driver specialists, has further refined its unique technology in the mini ClairAudient 1+1 ($1800) Boasting a newly sculpted angular front baffle to minimize diffraction effects its equipped with twin A3S full range drivers  and dual passive radiators. Designed for intimate environs, it projected terrific mid range transparency, speed.



Part-Time Audiophile 

Audience AV has branched out — have you heard? The company, already very well known for their superb Au24 line of cables and capacitor-based power conditioners, have been not-so-quietly rolling out a line of loudspeakers.
With prices starting at $995/pair for the new The One single-driver loudspeakers (shown in blue, below) all the way up to the $72k/pair ClairAudient 16+16, Audience is entirely serious — and seriously kicking ass.
The basic design rotates around s small, but full-range driver. The One uses … one. The 1+1 uses … two. The 16+16 uses … 32. You get the picture. As you move up the line, sensitivity, total output and impedance all climb.
The new, final, look for the ClairAudient 1+1 is a front+rear setup, that is, there are two full-range drivers, setup as a bi-pole, and two passive radiators on the flanks, also setup as a bi-pole. The result? 360° sound. Which is precisely what I heard — a bewilderingly wide, deep sounds stage that had me convinced, for the first 10 seconds, that not only was I being punked but that, perhaps, everything was wired out of phase. It wasn’t, but man, that was freakin’ huge.

Moving to The One, the sound field was far more in line with what I expected, but I have to say that these little boxes have no right to make this kind of sound. Surprising, impactful, and compact. Completely unexpected — I’d love to get my hands on some.