The ONE Review of The One

“In fact, we challenge you to a blind listening test- we haven’t found a speaker nearly this size anywhere near this price range that can offer sound as detailed and full-spectrum. The better the recordings, the better your amplifier, the better these will perform”.

Greg May, – February ’14 Read Full Review


HiFi+ Review of The ONE October 2013


The ONE isn’t going to be for everyone, but those who like it will struggle to find better from any loudspeaker with a crossover ‘in the way’. This isn’t just another small loudspeaker, it’s the start of a revolution!
Issue 68 – Oct. ‘13
By Alan Sircom, editor


The ONE Review by Bob Reina, Stereophile

“Audience’s ClairAudient ONE is an extraordinary speaker with superb resolution of detail, excellent dynamic contrasts, and subtle articulation of transients. It’s capable of providing satisfying, involving uncolored long-term listening over a broad range of music”.
Bob Reina – September ’13
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