2021 TAS Editors’ Choice Award for aR2p/aR12/aR12-T3/aR6-T4 Conditioners

Audience aR2p/aR12/aR12-T3/aR6-T4
Used with a CD player, the aR2p- Audience’s compact, dual-outlet power conditioner and isolation device- enhanced sound staging, dimensionality, and depth. The 12-outlet aR12p as also found to be extremely effective, capable of delivering significant improvements in bass definition and depth, overall resolution, and soundstage depth. 162, 179, 186, 235
Mar ’21

Soundstage Ultra Review of aR6-TSSOX Conditioner October ’16

” I think Audience’s new adeptResponse aR6-TSSOX with Au24 SE-i powerChord is the bomb. My system never sounded so good. I was skeptical at first, doubting that there could be any improvement to the sound I was already getting from my reference aR6-TSS with Au24 powerChord, but by the end of the review period I was won over completely. ”
Garrett Hongo – October ’16
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AV2Day.com Review of Adept Response aR6 Power Conditioner


” With a spotlighted staging and lack of noise floor means the highest resolution possible, all presented in the most coherent fashion, not disjointed, pokey, or in any way distracting from the whole musical experience…. I think the Audience Adept Response aR6’s bold musical presentation may just be the thing to shake up and ol’ jaded audio system or over smoothed audiophilia aural sensory”.
Willy Low – February ’16 Read Full Review


Review aR6-TSS: Robert Harley once said to me “You need a power conditioner.”

“Like TAS editor Robert Harley once said to me “You need a power conditioner.” I have one now. It’s the Audience aR6-TSS.

With all my components plugged into the Audience conditioner, violins were unfailingly silkier, voices and instruments emerged from a blacker sonic background with more nuance and dimension to them, soundstaging was grander, and imaging and spatial cues startling. The aR6-TSS contributed a remarkable refinement and brought real precision to my system.”
Garrett Hongo, reviewer
The Absolute Sound
Issue 235, September 2013Full review here