JEWEL CableLifter Review by Newstips

Newstips Review 4: “Audience AV Jewel cable lifter Audience AV caters to extreme audiophiles who are intolerant of the least little bit of extraneous noise or impurity in their listening, and in what may be their least-complicated, least-tech product ever, they sent us their new Jewel cable lifters. Those extreme audiophiles tend to be uncompromising in their cabling, using power cables and speaker wires that are of a considerably larger diameter than what less-demanding listeners employ and, as a result, they’re heavy. Over the years, there have been several offerings of cable lifters that raise those cables off the ground and, when placed near their point of connection (power outlet or speaker terminals), help reduce the strain on those connections that result from the weight of those cables. In this realm, spousal approval is a factor of continuing significance, so these are glass cubes, roughly 2 inches on a side, and with a gently grooved top; at a distance, they look like crystal, making them less disruptive to décor. To the uneducated, they look like uppity cigar holders. Bottom line: Jewel cable lifters from Audience AV were born to reduce noise, both from connections and from significant others.”
September ’20
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