Hidden Treasure Duplex Testimonial

Hi John,

I wanted to compliment you on the your Hidden Treasure (HT) V2 wall outlet I purchased from you in December. I recently got around to installing it and the effect was extremely noticeable, maybe close the impact your power conditioner had when I introduced it into my system. I was amazed at just how dramatically better the sound of my system became with the new wall outlet (and it was already good in my view). Everything expanded; and what sounded good before was flat by comparison. The HT unpacked and expanded things and allowed me to hear sounds I never heard before; and more clearly. The sound of my system became instantly more impactful and three dimensional. I can’t say enough good things about the HT – every aspect of my system sounds much better.

It’s a great product and the best $200 I ever spent on my system.

Regards, Joe LoScalzo

Newsletter: Announcing New T3 and T4 adeptResponse Power Conditioners 10/16/19

Dear Audio Enthusiast,

Audience is proud to formally announce the release of the NEW T3 and T4 adeptResponse power conditioners. The T3 and T4 replace existing TS and TSSOX models, respectfully, with significant enhancement to performance resulting from improvements in the design of Audience Aura-TR (previously Aura-TO) filter capacitors. The new Aura-TR capacitors are more resolute, more dynamic and provide a more distinct sound stage. Whereas the T3 is the new “standard” Teflon conditioner, the T4 is the top version that includes several more technologies for all out performance:

• In addition to the Aura-TR capacitors, the T4 includes new Audience Hidden Treasure duplex outlets and is treated throughout by a proprietary Ultra High Voltage Process. Singularly, each of these three new technologies provides a notable improvement. However, in combination, these three new technologies, achieve a truly stunning result. The Audience Hidden Treasure duplexes set a new benchmark in the world of AC outlets. The HT duplexes, compared to the previous rhodium/copper outlets, are more resolute yet smoother at the same time. They are more rich and analog sounding much like going from CD to LP. Selling as a standalone product at $199 each, we feel that the HT duplexes are the very best available AC outlets, bar none!

•  The entire circuit of the T4 is treated by an Audience proprietary Ultra High Voltage process. This treatment delivers voltages upwards of 1 million volts at specific pulse modulations, frequencies and amplitudes, in differing ratios, to individual, and all combined conductive constituents. This unique and special process creates predictable paths through the crystalline grain structure of the various metals, including connection points, and provides a continuity and integrity to the complete AC path. The audible result of the UHVP is one of improved resolution, dynamics, and more pristine sound stage.

• The T4 also includes 1) the previously optional S filter, a large core passive balun transformer providing additional filtering over a broader frequency spectrum down into the critical 20-30Hz range and 2) Audience Au24 SX 6-nines OCC powerChord wire throughout.

• The T4 and T3 both contain long standing Audience features like the star wired ground plane, micro-vibration damping of all fitter capacitors, gold over copper lug connectors and cryogenic treatment throughout the entire AC circuit. The T4 and T3 both contain heavy duty low impedance magnetic circuit breakers and special proprietary invisible surge protection. PowerChords are connected via locking 20A Neutrik AC Powercon connectors for the finest AC powerChord connection, bar none.

Many years of evolutionary research and development, with great attention to detail, are hallmark signatures of all Audience adeptResponse power conditioners.

All units previous to the T3 and T4 can be retrofitted with the new HT duplexes and UHVP treatments for enthusiastic improvements.

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Very Best Regards,

John McDonald

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Audience Expands Hidden Treasure Lineup with Debut of Premium AC Wall Receptacle


Media Contact:
Frank Doris / Public Relations
Audience 800-565-4390 (US and Canada)


Audience Expands Hidden Treasure Lineup with Debut of
Premium AC Wall Receptacle


San Marcos, CA, February 28, 2019 – Audience has added a new product to its Hidden Treasure AC in-wall power solutions lineup with the introduction of its Hidden Treasure High Definition AC Wall Receptacle . The receptacles employ Audience’s proprietary MORRE (Musically Optimized Reduction of Resistive Energies) technologies to deliver cleaner, more phase-correct AC power and yield better sound and performance from audio/video components.




The new product joins Audience’s Hidden Treasure HDAC in-wall power cable to provide a complete, ultimate-quality in-wall power delivery solution for high-end audio, custom-installation, home theater, multi-room and other in-wall applications.

The Hidden Treasure High Definition AC (HDAC) Wall Receptacle features high-purity copper-core, rhodium-plated contacts that provide a tight grip and the most secure connection available. The duplex receptacle is rated for up to 20 amps and can accommodate up to 10 AWG wiring. The receptacle’s body is made from rugged thermoplastic nylon.


The receptacle is treated with Audience’s EHVP Extreme High-Voltage Process, which is a MORRE technology aspect that applies high voltages in specific combinations. This proprietary technique aligns the crystalline structure of the various metals used in the receptacle to create more efficient “pathways” for signals to travel through the materials.


“Our new Hidden Treasure wall receptacle can improve the detail, dynamics, imaging and spatial reproduction of a high-performance audio system,” said John McDonald, president of Audience. “Audience has extremely demanding performance standards that must be met before we introduce any new product, and we’re particularly pleased about the sonic benefits of our new wall receptacle.”


When used together, the Audience Hidden Treasure wall receptacle and in-wall power cable deliver the highest possible in-wall solution for high-end systems, offering clean power that is phase-correct while blocking EMF and RF interference.

The Audience Hidden Treasure High-Definition AC Wall Receptacle is currently available at a suggested retail price of $199. Installation should be performed by a qualified electrician.


# # #

About Audience

Audience was formed in November 1997 by John McDonald and the late Richard Smith, as a design and production company focused on building the best possible audio and video equipment. To pass the Audience test, each product must truly make a significant contribution to the reproduction of audio and/or video. Audience offers loudspeakers, electronics, cables, power conditioners, high-resolution capacitors and the Auric Illuminator optical disk resolution enhancement.

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