Auric Illuminator Testimonial, December 2009

Hi there. I got the Auric Illuminator a week ago and I would love to share my experience with the Audience team and everyone else out there.  You have an amazing product, I wasn’t expecting this kind of significant improvement. Honestly its my first cd treatment that I use and I wont be looking for anything else.  My friends thought I changed some of the cables or something, now they are gettin the Illuminator as well.  The entire presentation seems more clear and rich top to bottom, and above all more natural. It seems I’m gettin more music from my set up. I’m excited to treat my entire cd collection.

Best regards from Macedonia! — December ’09

PFO Writer’s Choice Award 2004 for Auric Illuminator

“When we as audiophile are willing to spend hundreds, if not thousand of dollars to improve our rigs by what many times translates into a miniscule progress toward the end goal of audio nirvana, the Auric Illuminator is a rockin bargain! No audiophiles should be without a kit.”
Jeff Parks -Writers Choice Awards — Dec ’04 
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New Illuminator Review by August 2004

“Now for the $64,000 question: Is the new Illuminator better than the original? You better believe it. Whether classical, pop or jazz, every disc I applied the AI treatment to displayed easily audible improvements. The discs treated with the new AI displayed greater overall resolution, quieter backgrounds, smoother, less brittle highs and most significantly, an overriding sense of relaxed ease with a more natural flow to music playback. Less effort was required to relax into music or to follow individual strands, be it a rock, symphonic or small-scale chamber recording.”
Paul Candy — Aug ’04  Read Full Review


6Moons Review of Auric Illuminator August ’04


“The 6moons Blue Moon Award is
bestowed only on components or
music releases of rare excellence.
For ”Outstanding Price/Performance Ratio” in the optical disc resolution enhancement category.”
Blue Moon Award — Aug ’04


Stereo Times Two Reviews for Auric Illuminator

“The Auric Illuminator from speaker manufacturer, Audience, is a modest looking set of common objects: two plastic bottles with a non-toxic disc cleaning gel; cloths to clean the discs; and a black felt marker with kick-a-poo magic light absorption edging to be applied to your discs. Ordinary looking stuff. Extraordinary results.”
Jim Merod — Sep ’00   Read Full Review

“The Auric Illuminator is a benchmark optical disc playback resolution enhancement. It is “jaw dropping” effective and is appropriately named. It improved all aspects of soundstaging with every CD I treated and “illuminated” every instrument in a smooth and focused manner. It removes most of the clouding and smear from older recorded CDs and brings added life, snap and focus to newer CD recordings. It unveils the true timing, depth, and tonal qualities that these recordings were meant to display in their original production or at least brings one damn closer to it.”
Jim Dowd — Jan ’00   Read Full Review


Soundstage Review of Auric Illuminator March ’00

“If you only have $39.95 to spend but want a kick in the pants that offers images and sound as significant as a DVD-player upgrade, Audience’s Auric Illuminator should be one of the first things you think about. If you already have a top-flight DVD player and other goodies, the Auric Illuminator will make them even better. The bottom line: I’m applying the Auric Illuminator system to all my favorite and reference CDs and DVDs, and every new disc that comes in is going to get treated too. When you can spend this little and get this much, it’s like, “Duh?!”
Doug Blackburn — Mar ’00   Read Full Review


Auric Illuminator Review by Audio Asylum 10/99

“I consider the Illuminator to be an absolutely indispensable tweak that really does enhance the sound of most CDs far beyond its very modest price. The benefits on the Illuminator on LDs and DVDs is simply extraordinary, easily as good as upgrading to a better model player.”
David — Oct ’99   Read Full Review

“Using the 3 “C” criteria – I found out that dynamic contrast, temporal contrast and tonal contrast are all improved. Low level sounds that are not heard before (like small bells, subtle triangle strikes, etc) are now easily audible despite being in the background of much louder signals.”
Hyperion — Nov ’99   Read Full Review