2021 TAS Editors’ Choice Award for OHNO Speaker Cables

Audience OHNO
$220/1m (+$68/m) interconnect; $395/1m (+$152/m) OHNO III Speaker

Audience’s value line of OHNO cables runs counter to the idea that great wire always requires heavy jacketing and complex conductor geometries. Sonically these featherweights were quick and extended with well-focused imaging and dimensionality. Most significantly they were not additive, nor did they crimp dynamics. They were also easy to position for desktop use, offering an unerring sense of musicality without busting the budget. NG, 264
Neil Gader – Mar ’21

Testimonial for OHNO Cables January 2018

I am extremely impressed by my Ohno speaker cable, interconnects,and digital cable. As “The Absolute Sound” says, probably the best dollar value in cables there is. We have talked before, John and our talks have been very enlightening. Regards,Tony