Au24e Testimonial, August 2010

Dear Dan, The difference between my old Au24’s and my new enhanced Au24e’s is much greater and more significant than I expected. As others have noted, it is indeed as if a grainy layer has been removed from the sound. But the effect extends so much further than that might suggest. The individual ambiance of each recording venue now shines through clearly. Instruments and voices are revealed with remarkable naturalness. Complex contrapuntal lines can be followed with ease. The sound of a particular Steinway stands out distinctly. In addition, highs and lows are clearly more extended, and resolution of detail considerably greater. And with DVDs, you can pick out and listen to individual conversations in a crowded room, or hear the first breath of wind before a storm. Absolutely startling (and all this with even my modest $3k stereo)! All in all, I feel you could justifiably raise that “e” to the level of a superscript — the difference between the Au24’s and Au24e’s is truly exponential. Congratulations on a breakthrough product and product upgrade. Kudos too on your exceptional customer service, much appreciated. Best to you all,

Wayne — August ’10

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