aR12-TS Testimonial, May 2010

Hi John, Well, you were certainly right about transparency and I’m impressed how that transparency is from the top (of the frequency range) to the bottom. Along with transparency I’m getting an even better sense of the recording environment and the organic quality of “real” music performed with real instruments.

The noise floor has dropped and with 107db speakers that is certainly noticeable and very welcome. Imaging, which I consider important, is definitely improved which is another way of saying focus and separation between instruments is better as well.

I should say these improvements are on top of what I already thought was a great improvement with the other 12T I have been using in my system. I’m a very happy camper right now and feel blessed to have such an incredible system in my life. Your addition to this system is playing a very big role in maximizing that enjoyment.

Thank you very much!

P.S. Did I say bass was clearer, more articulate – it is 🙂

John — May ’10

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