aR6 Testimonial, October 2008

Hi Dan, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know where we are with the power conditioner.  I think that saying we’re amazed by it is almost putting it mildly.  We had some real time to play with it over the weekend with a dedicated play list of both lo and hi-fi recordings, using our Mac as a source, a Bel Canto DAC, and our K+H 3 way monitors.  We were knocked out by the clarity that’s been revealed, most especially in those mid-high frequencies that can become lost or hidden.  I was traveling earlier in the week so my husband used it quite a bit with his collection of headphones, and said it made the most significant difference to the system since the addition of our Bel Canto piece.  And he’s not easy to impress!  Many thanks!

Dawn Birr, Product Manager, Sennheiser Professional Products, HHB USA — October 08

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