Au24 Testimonial, July 2008

John, originally I had been thinking of just stopping with the Conductor i/c, but decided to invest in the Au24 as I was looking at component upgrades in the near future. They are, thus far, the most expensive cables I have ever bought in my hi-fi adventures. I had not heard of your cables before, but was attracted to them after reading several reviews; most importantly, those reviews that highlighted qualities relating to micro-dynamics, timbre and time-phrase coherence. I am starting to realize just how important these specific qualities are. Needless to say, and as I’m sure you’ve heard often enough before, I was floored. It sounded as if I just got myself a new system. The many reviews were right – these cables just got out of the way. I find myself listening not in an audiophile way, but just as a music lover, getting lost in the performance and recordings. Not only do they sound right, they feel right. That’s the best way I can put it. The Au24s, for me, helped me re-discover the promise and delights of this hobby – musicality. Thanks for a great product.

Hakim in Singapore — July 08

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